I've never been a huge fan of numbers. Particularly when connected to freshman calculus or credit card bills. But here are a few numbers I can’t help but celebrate: 25, 12, 14, 2, and 75.

This season, as part of our NEW Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog, Scentsy fans will be able to shop 25 NEW warmers in varying colors, shapes, and sizes, 12 NEW fragrances to spoil the senses, and 14 NEW scent offerings in our Layers by Scentsy line! Not to mention 2 entirely new personal care products sure to have you soaking and scrubbing in no time. All this and plenty more rolled into 75 glossy catalog pages—our biggest book yet!

Let’s take a walk through the fantastic new products found in Scentsy’s Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog, starting with a few of the show-stoppers:

Silhouette Collection
Last season we introduced this fabulously functional line of warmers and interchangeable wraps to let you build a collection of easy-to-update, stylish ways to warm your favorite Scentsy Bars. Each glowing core warmer comes with a textured wrap; you can also purchase additional wraps for just $12 and switch them as the mood strikes you! And now there are 3 (another number I’m coming to love) beautiful new wraps to collect. My favorite: Chickadee, featured above in all of its rosy-gold glory.

Elegant, edgy, simple, strong: this Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer has a bit of everything, all wrapped up in a cool, black-and-white statement piece.

Scentsy’s nod to the peacock trend sweeping home décor and high fashion: this pint-sized warmer will look just as great in a chic master bath as it will in a hip dorm room — and it’s sure to ruffle your tail feathers!

Barnabus the Bear 
Snuggly and scented — and understanding, too. You can tell this wise bear is a good listener by the way he cocks his head, as though he’s enthralled by your every word. You can’t ask for more in a best Buddy!

Scentsy Fragrance
There’s something delightfully new in every fragrance category this season. (Except for Favorites, where a scent has to earn a spot by being adored by YOU!) There’s no way I could possibly pick a favorite among the dozen newbies, so I’m going to give you the new scents in one delicious category instead: Fall & Winter.

Ah, pie. No one in the history of time has ever turned down a slice of pie straight from the oven. It’s physically impossible. And that gooey, delicious feeling is just what you’ll get when you warm this berry-filled treat.

Dulce de Leche
The tastiness continues with a rich, silky-sweet confection of caramel and cream.

Frosted Ginger Cookie
Clearly, we are big on desserts this time of year! You won’t be disappointed by this classic holiday cookie, with sweet frosting swirled on top.

Iced Pine
Take a brisk, Christmassy stroll among the evergreens with this refreshing fragrance—sealed with a minty kiss.

Layers by Scentsy
Here’s where it gets really exciting! Not only is our Layers by Scentsy line wrapped right up into the full-size Scentsy Catalog this season for easy shopping, layer by layer but we’re also adding 2 entirely new products to the mix: Hand Soap and Bath Tablets!

Hand Soap
Keep your favorite Scentsy Fragrance on hand with this sudsy, scented must-have for your bathroom.

Bath Tablets
Is there anything more luxurious than soaking in warm, fizzy, deliciously scented water? Drop a Layers Bath Tablet in the tub, grab your favorite magazine, and escape to the spa.

More Fragrances!

Since we launched the Layers by Scentsy line in the spring, I’m sure you can guess the request we’ve received the most: more fragrances! And it was time to give the people what they want. All personal care Layers products are now available in 20 spectacular scents! And we’ve added 2 new fragrance options for laundry care, so you can layer your entire world in the beautiful Scentsy fragrances you love most.

There’s so much more to enjoy this season with Scentsy! Browse the new catalog to your heart’s content, then contact your Scentsy Consultant (or click here to find one) to place your order September 1.

Have you already studied the catalog from cover to cover? Let us know what new product you love most in the comments below!