It’s been two weeks since our Spring Summer 2013 Catalog has launched and you may have noticed an entirely new category of fragrances among the pages. It was simple really; we read your Facebook posts, Tweets & comments on the Forum and knew you were on to something simply amazing.

With the fragrances in our Simply Scentsy category you can create your very own fragrance!  A cube of Simply Strawberry will add a fun fruity twist to Coconut Lemongrass.  Be your own barista & combine Perk Me Up with Simply Vanilla! Or even just warmed alone, these fragrances are sure to please!

 We hope you enjoy our Simply Scentsy fragrance selections for the Spring Summer 2013 Catalog.  If we were to expand our offering, what would you like to see?  Pomegranate perhaps? Basil for those who love fresh & green? Let us know in the comments below!