By Johanna Payne

I have the best job at Scentsy! In February, I started working as Scentsy’s archivist. I am responsible for keeping track of Scentsy’s past and future. My job is part detective, part librarian, and part storyteller. I have loved learning more about Scentsy’s rich history. In just seven short years, we have accomplished so much.

Recently, I traveled to Palo Alto, California to meet with the archivist at Hewlett Packard. She gave me a tour of the house and garage where HP started.  When she was hired, she was responsible for locating over 50 years’ worth of history. What a daunting task!  Most companies do not hire an archivist until several years after they have been in business.  It is difficult finding important artifacts after too many years.  I am thankful that Scentsy decided to fill the role of archivist sooner rather than later.

One of my responsibilities is to collect artifacts and bring to life Scentsy’s story of growth and success. I have spent hours in Scentsy’s warehouse and in the ocean container, Scentsy’s first home, going through numerous boxes. I have found so many fun relics and it seems that everything I find has a story. I can’t wait to display them and share those stories.

So far, my favorite undertaking has been collecting old warmers and fragrances. I have been amazed at the willingness of our Consultants to help. At one point, I had over 600 emails in my inbox when I asked for help locating missing warmers and scents! Scentsy has developed and launched 350 warmers and fragrances since 2004. Trying to locate a sample of each of these has been harder than I thought, but also rewarding. It has been fun to see the old bars and warmers. I received several of the original bars that were wrapped in cellophane and they still smelled great. I have also enjoyed the names of the older fragrances – Grandma’s Kitchen, Jungle Love, Chipotle Pecan and Puppy Love to name a few.

Before I started working at Scentsy, I donated one of my warmers to the “Missing Warmer Project.” I was given the Butter warmer as a gift in 2005.    I am happy I was able to help Scentsy get one step closer to completing  their collection.

If you have an older, hard-to-find Scentsy warmer or fragrance or if you have a story to share about the early days of Scentsy, please email me at