Tannenbaum: Go green this holiday season with our ode to the evergreens! Tannenbaum is perfect for inspiring natural additions to your home: cedar boughs, wood branches and soothing creams and greens. Small evergreen trees and trimmed boxwoods also add to the look.

Gingerbread: A more casual and homey look can be accomplished by using Gingerbread as your inspiration. Cookie cutters hanging from a velvet ribbon or used as tree ornaments can evoke memories of baking Christmas goodies. 

Jolly: Combine the playful design of this warmer with elegant red and white décor for a modern approach to your Christmas season. For a fun table décor twist, use a black velvet ribbon with a buckle as your napkin rings and small elegant presents as place cards.

Merry Berry: Start with some natural boughs but give it a pop of color with real pomegranates, holly and some mistletoe. This warmer works great in any traditional Christmas décor.