Check out Scentsy’s giant Buddies

Giant Scentsy Buddies at Scentsy's Home Office In Meridian

Meet the super-size Scentsy Buddies

Scentsy Buddies are some of our most popular Kids products, combining the snug-ability of stuffed animals with the magic of Scentsy fragrance. Normally, these Buddies are the perfect size for cuddling or taking on road trips. However, inside the Scentsy home office in Meridian, Idaho, you’ll find Buddies that need a little more space than your average car seat!

A big celebration of friendship

Some of these giant cuties can be found throughout the main floor of the Scentsy Tower, celebrating many fan-favorite Buddies. While they’re not available to  go home with anyone, they do make for the perfect photo opportunity for social media and happy memories. We can’t wait for the Scentsy Commons to reopen to the general public so you can take a snap with your favorite Buddy!

Experience Scentsy magic

The Scentsy Commons were always intended to be more than a mere office space. From the enormous Buddies that greet you when you enter, to our amazing kitchen and café, our home office reflects the authentically cheerful, imaginative nature of Scentsy. Once this space reopens to the public, it will return to being the community gathering place it was always meant to be, as well as a destination for Scentsy fans and Consultants to come see where the magic happens!

Bring home a little joy

While the giant Buddies aren’t for sale, we do make plenty of great Kids products in all shapes and sizes! From adorable, portable Scentsy Buddy Clips to darling Scentsy Friends, you’re sure to find a fragrant gift for any child!

Which larger than life Scentsy Buddy would you like to meet? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Jennifer Steeves Reply

    Serena The Sleepy Bear. I had gifted her to my gram the birthday before she passed away. She slept with her always .. and tried to steal her blanket lol

  2. Kari Reply

    Jamu the giraffe. Giraffes are my world, lol.

    • Carolyn Reply

      How do I get the big guys

      • Scentsy Reply

        They are just on display at the Home Office!

  3. Sarah Reply

    Jack and Sally . Huge Nightmare before Christmas fan since I was little.

  4. Matthew Todd Reply

    I would want all them but Pooh the turtle mean a world to me

    • Ray Marie Pugh Reply

      Jazzie oh we love her and Eeyore

  5. Raissa Wagner Reply

    I love everything Disney… but my fave giant buddy would be Stitch!!

  6. Susan Dickson Reply

    I love just about everything except the Grogu, I don’t understand how he came out so poorly, compared to other Disney characters, so disappointed.

  7. Rory Reply

    Chip and Dale Disney – Scentsy Buddies!!

  8. Carol lahman Reply

    We would like to see these start selling an available to consultants

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