Scent of the summer: Watermelon Tangerine

Happy Watermelon Month!

July is National Watermelon Month — as if we need another reason to enjoy this refreshing fruit this summer! While you can always treat yourself to a nice cold slice of melon to celebrate, why not take things a step further? Scentsy’s Watermelon Tangerine scent is the perfect summertime home fragrance — especially if you love watermelon!

Fresh, fruity fragrance

Watermelon Tangerine is ripe with notes of sweet watermelon slices spiked with juicy tangerine and dewy greens. From the nostalgic scent of watermelon to the exciting burst of citrus and greenery, this fragrance captures the sweetest elements of summer memories. After all, it’s easy to reminisce about sunny picnics, potlucks and barbeques with a little in-scent-ive!

Fill the summer with fragrance

While Scentsy Bars are perfect for enjoying home fragrance, summertime often means being on the go! Thankfully you can find Watermelon Tangerine — and many other popular fragrances — in a wide variety of Scentsy products! Planning a night out on the town? Body products like Watermelon Tangerine Body Cream and Fragrance Mist let you bring the scent of summer wherever you go!

Let the sun shine on

Maybe you love the scent of watermelon any time of year — even if the weather outside is frightful. Scentsy Club’s Always Get My Bar perk is ideal for lovers of seasonal fragrances that don’t want to see their favorite Scentsy Bars disappear. If you want to know more about all of Scentsy Club’s perks, reach out to your Independent Scentsy Consultant (you can find a Consultant at!

What memories does the scent of watermelon bring back for you? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Chris Stevens

    Any chance of a small sample before I commit to a purchase?

    • Scentsy

      Samples are something Consultants have the option of creating but are not provided from the corporate office. You would need to reach out to your Consultant to see if they have any. If you don’t have one, feel free to use our Consultant locator to get in touch with Consultants near you! Go to and enter your address in the top left corner of the page to view a list of local Consultants you can reach out to for your Scentsy needs! 💜

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