How to Increase Sales with Facebook Live!

Do you run a small business? Chances are you already interact with your customers and fans through Facebook — it’s a great way to promote your business and keep everyone engaged.

So what’s the next step?

Use Facebook Live to incorporate fun, compelling videos to reach the community you’ve already built in a totally new way.

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Why Facebook Live?

  • You can broadcast video in real-time. Just be sure to let your followers know when you’re going live! Perfect if you don’t want to waste any time promoting a new product or limited-time offer.
  • Your viewers can engage during and after the broadcast. It’s a cinch to know which customers you should follow up with first — just follow the comments!
  • Live videos can be replayed. Other live streaming platforms only save your videos for 24 hours. Facebook Live stores them like any other video, so your customers can watch after the broadcast ends.

How to increase sales with Facebook Live:

1. Share, don’t sell. The goal here is to express why a new product or sale is of value to your viewers. What makes it special? Is it only available for a limited time? Why do you think they’ll love it? Don’t forget to be yourself!

Sample comment: “I could not WAIT to share our new Make a Scene Warmer with you! You can customize it for every holiday and season. It’s a great way to get creative and mix up your décor without having to spend a bundle every couple months!”

2. Feature your products. You can talk about a new product all day long in the most amazing way — or you scrap the mystery and just SHOW IT OFF! Highlight any special features and demonstrate it live to draw a real crowd.

Sample comment: “See how easy it is to create a new scene? All it takes is a few items from your holiday decorations or a quick trip to the craft store to create something totally new.”

3.  Make it interactive. This feature is incredible with product promotion. Your customers are sure to have questions! Remind them at the beginning of your video to submit live questions and answer as many as you can right there in the broadcast.

Sample comment: “Great question, Annie! She asked whether we offer any ready-made décor for the Make a Scene Warmer. And we sure do! You’ll love our Decorative Scenes. They’re inexpensive and so easy to use.”

4. Tell them how to buy. Be sure to wrap your video with instructions on how to place an order. Make it easy to close the sale.

Sample comment: “To place your order, be sure to click the link in the post to visit my website! If you need a few Scentsy Bars with your Warmer, check out our Combine & Save options to get the best possible deal. Let me know if you need help!”

5. Don’t forget to follow up. Be sure to watch for viewer engagement during and after your live video, so you know who to reach out to when it’s done.

Sample comment: “Hey, Sarah! I saw that you posted about 100 heart emojis during my Make a Scene Warmer live broadcast. You should book a Scentsy party with me and get one half-off!”

Beginning to see the potential here? Start broadcasting today with Facebook Live and see the difference it makes in your business!

If you have other tips or questions, be sure to share them in the comments.


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