How to pick the perfect Scentsy Warmer

What style says “home” to you?

Modern, classic or somewhere in between? Do you love a feminine-vintage or rustic-industrial vibe? Colorful, neutral, nautical or eclectic? Or maybe your style changes every time you scroll “dream house” boards on Pinterest!

We don’t blame you. There are so many jaw-dropping options out there, and they’re all at our fingertips, ready to explore. It would be a crime to miss out on something amazing just because it doesn’t fit into a particular style box.

Your home is yours — why try to label it? In 2019, style rules just aren’t what they used to be. It’s OK to proudly display what you love, just because.

At Scentsy, we want to help you fill your life with fragrance. And our homes wouldn’t be complete without the original Simple System: warmer + wax. It’s a safe, multisensory experience that keeps on giving — and we can’t get enough.


We offer more than 100 warmer styles in a range of sizes, colors and materials to suit every room in your home. And they’re affordable enough to swap around as your mood changes, or with each new holiday or season. You can build your own collection of Scentsy Warmers for your home without breaking the bank, especially if you use Host Rewards and get the pricier pieces for half-price or free!

It’s important to choose warmers that LOOK great in your space, but we also want to help you pick the ones that will function best in your life. From style to substance, our warmers are designed to be different. What features do you need from room to room?

Here’s everything you should know before you shop:

Got a light?

The original Scentsy Warmer design used a low-watt light bulb to safely melt Scentsy Bar wax and release its fragrance into the air. We just love the soft glow of a warmer — it adds another layer of beauty to the Scentsy experience.

Did you know? You can get a subtle warmth or something more dazzling, depending on the style you choose. Ask your Consultant to help you find the perfect glow! 


It wasn’t long before Scentsy fans started requesting the fragrances they loved without the light, for bedrooms and other spaces that sometimes need darkness. So we dreamed up a design that uses a heating element to warm Scentsy Wax instead of a light bulb, sparing no style. (Have you seen little Frenchie?) Problem solved!

Go big or small

Want to make a big statement in a big room? Some warmers stand as tall as 12 inches! Or you could choose a warmer of a much smaller stature, say 3.5 inches, when your space doesn’t need or allow for more. Our mini warmers still offer plenty of personality, with bold patterns or fun phrases to help express your style.

Did you know? You can plug mini warmers into the wall, or use a Tabletop Base to place them on a counter or desk. 


You can shop by price!

If budget is front-of-mind, sort by price using the Style Selector at, or use the rollout index in your catalog. We price based on size, materials and the amount of handcrafted detail needed to create each warmer. No matter how much you spend, the beauty and quality of a Scentsy Warmer can’t be beat.

Did you know? Enter your Consultant’s name at checkout when you shop online to support their Scentsy business.

Once you know what you need, it’s easier to choose what you love!

Your style can’t really be defined, because when you add it all up, it’s just YOU. And that’s worth celebrating. Just work down the list, room by room, and you’ll be blown away by how beautiful your new warmers look at home.


Need more help? Ask your Consultant — they’re experts in Scentsy style and all the features that come with it — or find a Consultant near you at

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