Introducing Scentsy Scented Bracelets

A Summer of Scentsy

 Our Summer Collection is here, and it’s brimming with tropical fragrances and exciting new products — including the Scented Bracelet! This beautiful porcelain accessory offers a whole new way to enjoy your favorite scents wherever you go. Here’s a closer look at what our wearable fragrance has to offer:

Fashion meets fragrance

The best jewelry makes a statement, and Scented Bracelets do this in more ways than one. These fashionable charms exude beautiful style and scent in equal measure and are  available in Coconut Daiquiri and Agave & Melon fragrances. They’re the perfect way to add bright, summer-inspired scents to any outfit!

Apply perfume in a snap

The porcelain charm of each Scented Bracelet is infused with perfume-grade oils, ensuring long lasting fragrance. No need to spritz or mist — just grab the bracelet and go! Thanks to these fun, convenient accessories, you’ll be instantly immersed in personal fragrance all day long. With proper storage, these bracelets can maintain their fragrance for 30 days or more!

Enduring Beauty

The fragrance of each bracelet will likely last well beyond 30 days, depending on certain factors like heat and humidity. For best results, keep your bracelet in a cool, dry place when you aren’t wearing it. While the fragrance will eventually begin to fade, the beauty of these unique bracelets will endure.

Wear your Scentsy Spirit

Scented Bracelets allow you to wear your love of Scentsy on your wrist, but they’re far from the only way to enjoy your favorite fragrances on the go! Scentsy Body products, for example, help you care for your skin while indulging our signature scents! Head to your Independent Scentsy Consultant’s website to explore all the ways you can fill your life with fragrance!

Want to know more about our new Scented Bracelets? Talk to your Scentsy Consultant (find a Consultant).

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