Showing our gratitude this Thanksgiving

Grateful Journal

At Scentsy, our core values — Simplicity, Authenticity and Generosity

— guide everything we do.While we hold all three core values in equal esteem, Generosity takes center stage this time of year, because we believe gratitude and generosity go hand in hand.

In that spirit, why not find a way to tie your gratitude to generosity this holiday season? Here are some ideas to get started:

If you’re grateful for your job …

Volunteer for an organization that helps people in your community with job placement. Or donate gently used workwear to organizations that help lower-income individuals build a professional wardrobe. You can also volunteer to mentor newer employees in your field, or help a friend or family member fine-tune their resume and get ready for a big interview. If you’re a Scentsy Consultant, consider presenting the Scentsy opportunity as a gift to someone who could use the flexibility or some extra money.

photo of consultant working on her computer

If you’re grateful for your family …

Adopt a family for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Treat them to a feast or make sure that everyone in their household gets something new and special under the tree. You could also cash out all those unused airline miles and give them to a college student so they can fly home for the holidays.

Photo of family playing on bed

If you’re grateful for your home …

Volunteer at your nearby chapter of Habitat for Humanity, or donate extra home goods to your local burnout fund or a nonprofit organization that aids refugee families. You could also contact your utility company and make a donation to help families having a hard time paying their utility bills this winter.

photo of scentsy hygge warmers

If you’re grateful for your health …

Drop off a bunch of healthy food at your local food bank, or better yet, organize a food drive at your church or work. You could also make a donation to an organization dedicated to improving access to medical services, donate blood, or look for nonprofit organizations that help ease the burden of families experiencing catastrophic medical emergencies. (You can also find a Scentsy Consultant and buy a Warm the Heart Mini Warmer to benefit the American Heart Association in the U.S. or the  Heart and Stroke Foundation in Canada.)

photo of Scentsy's warm the heart warmer

If you’re grateful for your education …

Make a donation to a local school, or contribute to your alma matter’s scholarship fund. You could also volunteer in your child’s classroom a few times a month, or donate books your children have outgrown to a family in need.

No matter what you’re grateful for or how you show thanks, know that Heidi, Orville and the entire home office team are grateful for the support and enthusiasm of Scentsy Consultants, customers and fans. All of us wish all of you a healthy, happy holiday season.

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