Make your home a coastal oasis

Photo of Beach Bungalow Warmer

You can’t always escape to the coast to relax, but with just the right touches, you can bring the coast home to you!

Do it with color

Paint, furniture pieces, rugs, towels, drapes … choosing by-the-sea colors for any of the elements in your home is one way to make the coast feel close. Add splashes of:

  • Aqua, aquamarine or turquoise
  • Deep-sea blue
  • Soft sky blue
  • Sandy browns
  • Sunset pink
  • Sea salt white
  • Sunny yellow


Photo of costal scentsy warmers

Do it with décor

Indoors or outside, these decorative additions will make it seem like the beach is within reach:

  • Fishing nets
  • Buoys
  • Lobster cages
  • Dock ropes
  • Ship wheels
  • Anchors
    • Sea glass
    • Starfish
    • Seashells
    • Sea compass
    • Nautical lanterns
    • Pictures and replicas of marine life

    Photo of Ory the Whale

    Do it with décor (and more) + fragrance!

    Colorful, decorative and fragrant — Scentsy’s 2018 Summer Collection has it all!

    What better way to create that cozy-on-the-coast feeling than with our new Beach Bungalow Warmer? This quaint little seaside cabin complete with palm tree shores up the charm with sun-drenched color and hand-painted detail. Add new Scentsy Bar fragrances like Beach Daisy, Life Is Swell and Pink Promenade and you’ve got one aromatic oasis!

    The fragrances mentioned above also come in other product lines, such as Scentsy Body and Scentsy Laundry, so you can stretch that coastal feel even further. And kids can join in the fun, too, with Ory the Orca, the new Scentsy Buddy sure to show them a tail-flapping good time.

    Life is Swell Handsoap

    Share these coastal décor ideas with your beach-loving friends, then tell us what you love most about summers on the coast in the comment section below!

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