Set the mood for a romantic Valentine’s Day

The most romantic day of the year is right around the corner

Valentine’s Day is Feb. 14 — a Friday this year! Which means that however difficult it usually is to book a romantic dinner out, it’s going to be that much trickier in 2020. Not only are you competing with all the other lovebirds out there for a table, you’re also up against the regular weekend restaurant rush. Not to mention the traffic!

If ever there was a year to plan a romantic Valentine’s Day in, this is it.

But other (younger) people live here!

Nothing puts a damper on romance like a dirty diaper that needs changing or a teen who can’t find her favorite shirt and needs you to help her look right now. Don’t risk those interruptions on Valentine’s Day! Send the kids packing to Nana’s house or encourage them to bunk up with a friend.

If you’re having trouble finding an out-of-the-house sitter, try swapping nights with a friend or sibling who also has kids. Let them know you’ll keep their kids Friday night if they’ll take yours Saturday. There’s still plenty of romance to be had on Feb. 15, if you’re not too hung up on the date.

Once you’ve got the kids settled, consider these tips for making it an at-home Valentine’s Day to remember:

Step 1: Start early

No one knows your Valentine better than you. And the surest path to Valentine’s Day bliss is one that includes special moments, simple acts of thoughtfulness or kindness, meaningful gifts or loving words meant just for your special someone.

Don’t wait until dinnertime to turn on the charm. From the moment their eyes open on Feb. 14, treat them like your Valentine. Extra smiles or winky texts, sweet words, pet names, more help around the house and plenty of XOXO will help pave the way to a special night together.

Step 2: Make their favorite meal (or try something new)

Couple in the kitchen cooking and smiling

Maybe you only grill your famous lamb chops on special occasions, or you know they love indulging in a big bowl of pasta — but only once in a while. Treat your sweetie to a meal you know they’ll love, or go out on a limb and try to make something new. If dinner doesn’t turn out exactly as planned, don’t get frustrated. Just order a pizza and take the chance to laugh together.

Step 3: Treat all the senses

Turn the lights down low. Wear something silky or smooth to the touch. Finish dinner with a decadent, chocolate dessert. Create a non-cheesy romantic playlist. And fill the air with intoxicating fragrance.

Instead of looking to traditional candles for a warm, romantic glow, try our February Warmer of the Month: By the Candlelight. It’s designed to actually look like a classic white candle, but it glows by the light of a bulb, rather than a flame you might forget to blow out later. Turn it on, add a few cubes of a softly romantic scent like Strawberry Rose and the rest of your romantic evening will write itself.

Happy — wink, wink — Valentine’s Day!

To shop our February Scent and Warmer of the Month — and get 10% off — reach out to your Scentsy Consultant or visit their website. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one here.

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