Curing first day of school jitters

Class is (almost) in session

Summer is coming to a close, and it’s almost time for kiddos to head back to school! For youngsters — especially first-time students — this can be an exciting but nerve-wracking time. After all, meeting new people, spending time away from their parents and adjusting to a new routine can be overwhelming at any age. But with a little preparation, these milestones can become joyful memories your kids will cherish the rest of their lives. Here are a few ideas to help students overcome those first day of school jitters:

Start school-year routines early

Going from the sun and fun of summer to the start of the school year can be a jarring experience, even for older kids. It’s best to ease the transition by beginning a few home routines early, rather than trying to adjust to a new schedule all at once. Get kids used to going to bed and waking up “on time” during weekdays to ensure they’ll be well-rested for their first actual day of school. If they’re old enough, having your kids read to you before bed can also be a great exercise to help them prepare for a year of learning!

Send them to school with a familiar Buddy

If your child’s school or daycare allows toys to be brought from home, sending them with their favorite stuffed animal can be the perfect bit of comfort for a new student. Scentsy Buddies are ideal for this, as they go beyond being cute and snuggable. Equipped with Scent Paks, Buddies allow kids to enjoy familiar Scentsy fragrances wherever they go! Having a cute plush companion with a calming scent that reminds them of home is especially ideal for naptime! For older kids, Buddy Clips are the perfect backpack companions, bringing fun and fragrance wherever they go!

Schedule playdates with classmates

Making new friends can be hard, but giving your kids a chance to interact with fellow students outside the classroom can help break the ice. Reach out to other parents at your child’s school and plan a get-together! Large gatherings can be a little intimidating for kids, so think about starting with small playdates first. Who knows, maybe your child will make a new best friend? You can help them celebrate such a special bond with our Best Friends Buddy Clip!

Let kids know it’s OK to be nervous

Some jitters are expected at the start of any new adventure, and it’s important for kids to know they aren’t alone in feeling that way. Sharing a story about your own first day at school or a similar experience can be a great inspiration for them!

What are your kids most looking forward to this school year? Let us know in the comments!

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