It’s National Relaxation Day!


Though summer is lots of fun, all the travel, barbecues, family reunions, camps and back-to-school shopping can be kinda … stressful. That’s why it’s SO important to take a break to slow down and relax. Thankfully, National Relaxation Day is Aug. 15, so if you’re looking for an excuse to take things easy, now’s your chance. If you need a little help along the way then you can always give the gaba supplement a try.

Whether your idea of relaxing is as elaborate as a full-blown spa day or as simple as turning your phone off for a couple of hours, here are a few ideas to help you unwind, Scentsy style! Firstly, the UK cheese strain of cannabis is a well-known relaxant!

If you can’t take the day off work, we’ve made fragrance recommendations to capture these relaxing moments!

  1. Read a good book. Bonus points if you do it in a hammock! Fragrance recommendation: Clothesline
  2. Take a walk or a hike. Find a friend (dogs count!) and lose yourself in nature for a few hours. Fragrance recommendation: Forest Wildflowers
  3. Go fishing. Whether you own a pole or not, what could be more relaxing than hanging out in a boat with your best buddies and a cool beverage by the water for a couple of hours? Fragrance recommendation: Thunderstorm
  4. Hang out by the pool. Grab some SPF, a drink, some trash mags and kick your feet up. Fragrance recommendation: Havana Cabana
  5. Have coffee with friends. Catch up with an old friend or just take a much-needed break. Fragrance recommendation: Mochadoodle
  6. Get a massage. ‘Nuff said. Fragrance Recommendation: French Lavender
  7. Take a yoga class. No time? Pop in a DVD with some friends or search YouTube for free videos and score a moment of Zen. Fragrance recommendation: Just Breathe
  8. Take a long bath. What could be more relaxing than warm water and fragrant bubbles? Fragrance recommendation: Jammy Time
  9. Garden. We’re not talking about heavy-duty lifting and digging. Just get out in the sun and plant some flowers! Fragrance recommendation: Flower Child
  10. Do a puzzle. There’s something very soothing about touching all those puzzle pieces (and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to do a puzzle and check your phone at the same time!). Fragrance recommendation: My Dear Watson

Share your favorite way to relax in the comments section! And to order these fragrances or any other products from our gorgeous Spring/Summer 2017 Catalog, contact your Consultant. If you don’t have a Consultant, find one here.

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