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Scentsy Fluffy Fleece scented laundry products including Laundry Liquid, Scent Soft, Dryer Disks, small and large Washer Whiffs

During the holidays, it seems like time gets away from us, chores pile up and the little dust bunnies under the couch become burly dust jackrabbits. This new year, why not make your home feel brand new? Push the reset button with our cleaning advice below so you get the fresh start you deserve.

Step 1: Declutter

Evaluate what items you actually use, what you could do without, and what is simply junk. Donate what you don’t use and toss or recycle what is no longer useable. Consider repurposing items, like using worn-out clothes as cleaning rags, but avoid holding onto things “just in case” — each item should have a clear purpose.

Step 2: Deep clean

While you’re exploring the depths of closets and cabinets, take the chance to clean those hard-to-reach spaces and the items that rarely see the light of day. Wipe down grimy spots with All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate and refresh old linens that have been trapped in the back of the closet with Laundry Liquid and Washer Whiffs. And for items that smell a little musty but aren’t easily washable (we’re looking at you, upholstery and carpets), spritz Scentsy Fresh to eliminate odors and add a burst of fragrance. When you find that fragrance you adore, add it to your Scentsy Club subscription so you never run out.

Step 3: Get organized

Once you’ve sorted through the clutter, decide where each possession belongs (remember the mantra “A place for everything and everything in its place”). You may need to rethink your current storage layout, install shelves or buy new boxes and bins.

Step 4: Fix what’s broken

Oftentimes, we collect broken and well-loved things with the intent to fix them some other time. Choose to fix them today! Even if you can’t tackle every problem in one sitting, make an actionable plan for the future. Remember to set SMART goals, so you know how you will accomplish your plan.

Step 5: Change it up

Rearranging furniture, adding a new piece of art or painting a wall instantly refreshes a room — it’s like taking a deep breath in and out. If you’re on the fence about adding wallpaper or a new rug, this could be the perfect time to take the plunge. Trying something new revitalizes not only your space, but the people living there!

Variety of Scentsy products on shelves in many different scents including body and laundry products, wax melts, room spray, car bars and scent pods, circles and paks!

Once you have your fresh start, it’ll be easier to maintain your home and begin your next adventure with a clean slate. Comment below how you use Scentsy products to make your home sparkle!

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