Introducing our ScenTrend 2017, Sugarcane!


Even though sugarcane is most often associated with tropical locales, this natural wonder enhances countless goodies around the globe. We especially love the pure sweetness — whether subtle or pronounced — it brings to fragrance. That’s why we were thrilled to identify Sugarcane as the next big fragrance trend for 2017!

What does Sugarcane smell like?

Not surprisingly, it’s sweet. But when blended with different fragrance notes, that sweetness varies quite a bit. It can smooth over a tart citrus note or lend a little innocence to a floral bouquet. Sugarcane is so pure and versatile, it can mix and mingle with just about any fragrance blend, from sweet to spicy, and either transform it completely or give it just enough punch to keep things interesting.

Experience Sugarcane

Sugarcane works its magic in seven Spring/Summer 2017 fragrances, including one Scentsy Oil, available through Aug. 31:
A creamy-sweet lemon, sugarcane and shea butter blend.

Custard Apple
Pineapple, sugarcane and mango capture the essence of custard apple.

Lemon Sorbet
Fresh-cut lemon and grapefruit zest sweetened by sugarcane.

Lime & Sugarcane
Lime and sugarcane cooled by an accord of frozen mint.

Passion Fruit Colada
Honeydew and passion fruit surge with sugarcane.

Starfruit & Pear Nectar
Bright bursts of starfruit, sugarcane and tangelo.

Pineapple Coconut Lime (100% Natural Oil)
Luscious pineapple, fresh coconut, lime and sugarcane.

What is ScenTrend?

As an international leader in fragrance, Scentsy launched ScenTrend in 2012 to identify the up-and-coming fragrance note for home and fine fragrance each year. Selections are made based on testing and trend analysis by fragrance experts at Scentsy and leading international fragrance houses.

To try these fragrances and experience Sugarcane, contact your Scentsy Consultant or find one at