ScenTrend 2016 Black Plum

Looking for velvety, luscious, sultry, sweet? Try Black Plum, if you please. This alluring fruit note will take center stage in home and fine fragrances in 2016.

We’ve tested, analyzed and collaborated with experts and international fragrance houses to identify Black Plum as the next must-have fragrance trend.


What does Black Plum smell like?

That depends. On its own, Black Plum is rich, tart and velvety, but not too sweet — like the first bite of a just-ripe piece of fruit plucked straight from the tree. But this complex fragrance note takes on a new life when mingled with other bright fruits, florals, spices or herbs. Forget one bite — you’ll want to devour the whole thing.

Plum-WatercolorEdible or enchanting, edgy or flirtatious — the beauty of Black Plum is its ability to transform a fragrance from simple or sweet to decadent and delicious.

Experience Black Plum

This versatile note is featured in three very different, but equally tempting, Spring/Summer 2016 fragrances, available through Aug. 31:

Fun, flirtatious cherry, black plum and a warm whiff of sandalwood spin a succulent springtime yarn.

Blackberry Meringuez
Blackberry, sugared fig, black plum and a pinch of ground spice mingle deliciously in this to-die-for sensory dessert.

Raspberry Bush
Luscious raspberry jam and black plum are quietly cooled by a sprig of wild mint in a fragrance that beckons the dreamer in us all.

Discover two new fragrances featuring this seductive note beginning Sept. 1:

Sparkling Black Plum
Toast to Tarocco orange, black plum and blueberry champagne.

 Sweet Plum Pastry
Black plum and toasted coconut garnish a marshmallow cloud.

What is ScenTrend?

As an international leader in fragrance, Scentsy launched ScenTrend in 2012 to identify the up-and-coming fragrance note for home and fine fragrance each year. Selections are made based on testing and trend analysis by fragrance experts at Scentsy and leading international fragrance houses.

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