Celebrating National Sense of Smell Day

The bars we chose for this celebration of fragrance and memory were B-A-N-A-N-A-S and Sedona Sunset (two new fragrances that feature our 2015 ScentTrend fragrance, coconut milk) and By the Sea (one of our Scentsy Classics).

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Compose your Spring Symphony

here’s a special kind of magic that reveals itself with this season. I love, love, love it all.

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Ode to spring fragrances

We find the season so breathtaking, in fact, that it’s been the inspiration behind many of Scentsy's treasured fragrances over the years.

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Scentsy Stars: They’re Just Like Us!

Here’s a peek into the everyday lives of classic Scentsy retired celebrities. (And don’t forget, voting for Bring Back My Bar: Red Carpet Rollout ends in just FOUR days — get out there and VOTE for the fragrances you want to return for a limited time in June 2015!)

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Warmer Woman to Break the Internet!

Warmer Woman has just announced that she will be starring in a new reality TV show—as herself, of course. “Keeping Up with the Bardashians” follows the rising stars of the fragrance world.

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Bring Back My Bar: Red Carpet Rollout!

Bring Back My Bar is BACK, Scentsy fans — and this season it’s better than ever.

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Celebrate Spring, Scentsy style!

Let Scentsy transform your home into a lush, springtime oasis right now!

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National Fragrance Day 2015: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Here at Scentsy we have a LOT of memories tied to fragrance

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Scentsy Can Help You “Make It Happen!”

How can Scentsy help you Make it Happen? When you start your own Scentsy business, you sign up for something SO much bigger than just selling a product.

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March Madness, Velata style!

If there was ever a time to go all out with the goodies, it’s March Madness! And since everyone loves choices, why not create a fabulous food bar? It’s easy with the Velata Raclette – and your favorite Velata Artisan Rubs – in your corner. Guests will love customizing their eats while preparing them alongside friends and family.

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Celebrating National Sense of Smell Day

By Noelle Perner

Did you know that Saturday (April 25th) is National Sense of Smell Day?

What is National Sense of Smell Day? It’s only the equivalent of Christmas ‘round these parts. Because sense of smell — especially the way it’s tied to memory, feelings, and the ability to set a certain mood— is kind of our jam at Scentsy.

National Sense of Smell Day is an annual celebration that’s sponsored by the Sense of Smell Institute. On this day, museums, science centers, and other institutions around the country celebrate with hands-on activities related to the sense of smell and the important role it plays in our lives.

To celebrate National Sense of Smell Day this year at Scentsy, we decided to put three of our Spring/Summer fragrances to the test in evoking memories. We asked several of our Home Office employees to gather around a table and write down the feelings and memories that these bars brought up. The bars we chose for this celebration of fragrance and memory were B-A-N-A-N-A-S and Sedona Sunset (two new fragrances that feature our 2015 ScentTrend fragrance, coconut milk) and By the Sea (one of our Scentsy Classics).

A lot of laughter, nostalgia, and stories were exchanged as we sat around the table remembering. We’d like to share a few of our memories tied to each of these fragrances, and invite you to share your memories in the comments!


“It makes me think of summers when I was a little kid, sitting on the driveway eating banana popsicles.” –Casey

“This scent makes me feel happy and ready for adventure. It reminds me of my first trip to Hawaii, where we went snorkeling, zip-lining, and on a hike to a gorgeous waterfall.” –Alena

“I immediately think of eating banana Laffy Taffy in junior high and giggling about boys with my friends. When I smell this fragrance I feel like I’m 13 again!” –Anna

“This makes me think of the summer I was a raft guide. We’d always eat banana-flavored taffy while were cleaning up at the end of the day. When I smell this, it makes me feel young, happy, summery, and carefree.”

“B-A-N-A-N-A-S reminds me of spending summers in my best friends’ backyards, alternately slathering on suntan lotion and sunscreen and dreaming about the boys we’d impress with our fabulous tans. When I smell this, I feel carefree, relaxed, and like I have a whole summer day ahead of me.” –Noelle

“This makes me think of going to the candy store near my grandma’s house when I was a little girl.” –Tamara

“BANANAS reminds me of when I was a kid and would get Runts candy out of the 25¢ machines with my friends. I liked the banana-shaped ones the best, so my friends would always give me theirs.” –Ali

“This scent reminds me of my honeymoon to the Caribbean. Suntan lotion, fresh tropical fruit, and lying in a hammock on a deserted island.” –Veronica

“This fragrance makes me think of the makeup sets I would get for gifts as a little girl with tiny little lipsticks and eye shadows that came with scented stickers and decals.”

Sedona Sunset

“This fragrance reminds me of the Wild West! Cactus, sand, and warmth.” –Alena

“I think of a hotel room in the Caribbean. A slight hint of sweet, lingering sunscreen and adventure ahead. I want an umbrella-topped drink by a hot pool!” –Anna

“This fragrance smells deep, complex, sweet, and evocative to me. It makes me think of sitting on the porch of a coffee shop on a summer evening at dusk, reading a book in the last bits of light and sipping an iced chai latte.” –Noelle

“Sedona Sunset reminds me of my grandmother (in the best way!) She always smelled sweet and comforting. When I smell this fragrance I feel nostalgic, comforted.” –Dalia

“I think of a walk at dusk, with warm colors all around me and the hint of a fire in the distance (there’s a smoky hint to this fragrance!)” –Lori

“The first thing that pops into my mind when I smell it is a bonfire on the beach at sunset.” –Veronica

By the Sea

“I think of a vacation on the Oregon Coast. I can just smell the salty fresh air, and it takes me back. It was spring, slightly cool, and oh so beautiful!” –Alena

“This smells clean and tidy to me — like I’ve just had my hair done and I have that relaxing salon scent following me around for the rest of the day!” –Anna

“It reminds me of the bubble bath I used as a kid. I remember playing with toys in the tub for hours. The more bubbles, the better!” –Frances

“This brings back memories of visiting the Oregon Coast with my husband for the first time.” –Megan

“I think of a vacation I took to the coast in Mexico. The windows were always open, letting in the heavy, salty air in the mornings. When I smell this fragrance, I feel excited. Like I can’t wait to get to the beach and feel the cool, damp sand under my feet and hear the waves crashing.” –Noelle

“When I smell this, I feel calm and soothed — and like I need a holiday! It makes me think of a sandy beach and rolling waves.” –Amanda

“Growing up in the Southern California, we were always at the beach year-round. This scent reminds me of early mornings driving to the beach with my boyfriend to watch him surf. The mornings were always chilly, but by midday we all loved to lie in the sun and soak up the ocean air and warm sunshine.” –Brenda

“This makes me think of the awesome feeling you get after taking a shower at the end of a camping trip!” –Alicia

“I think of summers at the beach, running on the pier with my hair in my face, and smiling so much my face hurt. Just happy, youthful, and carefree.” –Lori

“This fragrance reminds me of Sunday mornings growing up, and the smell of my big brothers getting ready for church. Also, probably being put in a loving headlock by one of those brothers! It makes me feel happy when I smell it. I love my brothers and miss the years we were all under one roof!” –Ali

“I think of walking from the house to the beach at the New Jersey shore, pushing my son’s stroller through beach grass and breathing in ocean air.” –Veronica

“This makes me think of a bottle of perfume I received from an old friend. It came in a beautiful blue and purple ombre glass bottle.” –Rocio


Compose your Spring Symphony

If your head is full of sunshine and your heart is full of fresh blooms, you’re just as ready as I am for spring. Around my house, the first flowers are blooming (totally jealous of my neighbor’s gorgeous pink rosebush) and everything is chirping and lively and green. There’s a special kind of magic that reveals itself with this season. I love, love, love it all.

What I don’t love, however, is the maintenance that comes with filling my house, yard and workspace with the beauty of spring. Digging in the dirt is fun, sure, but pulling weeds? Worrying about bugs and slugs? Pruning? Figuring out how to prune?

Who has the time? So if you’re like me and you want to relax here:

Or read a good book here:

Or dig in the dirt here:

Or get lost here:

Try this:


Spring Symphony

As fresh as a spring garden — sweet hyacinth sings with a fragrant medley of coconut water, violet leaf and soft musk. 

Spring Symphony is our April Scent of the Month, which means you save 10% through April 30 when you enliven your spring with this flowery fragrance.

Call your Scentsy Consultant to place your order. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one at scentsy.com.

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