Fall edition of fragrance recipes

As the days and nights get cooler, we’re spending more time indoors. Which means, more time to warm and enjoy our favorite fall fragrances!

Whether you’re among our countless Scentsy fans who spend the season in a cloud of pumpkin everything, or if you prefer a cool blast of peppermint or crisp orchard apples, it’s a great time to mix and match your favs to blend your own Scentsy Signature scent.

For years, Scentsy fans have been combining cubes from different Scentsy Bars to create innovative fragrance blends. Look for #ScentsySignatures in the Fall/Winter 2016 Catalog for fun ideas to get you started, and then let your creativity fly.

Not sure what fragrances pair well with others? Our new Accord Warmer features three separate dishes in one Warmer so you can keep your Scentsy Bars separate while enjoying your own fragrance combinations. If you’re not loving a certain mix, simply turn off one or two Warmer dishes and just let a single fragrance warm at a time.


For example, try a couple cubes of Autumn Sunrise, Autumn Blaze Maple and Autumn Sunset in each Accord Warmer dish. Then warm each fragrance in that order throughout the day to take you from sunrise to sunset.


Or indulge in the scent of warm, simmering cider to take you late into the evening with Cider Mill, Honey Pear Cider and Cedar Cider. Warm them all at once or start with the lightest, most subtle fragrance first and work your way toward the strongest of your select Scentsy Bars.


Ready to transition to the snowy season? Bring it on with Whiteout, Frosted White Birch and Very Snowy Spruce and get psyched to hit the slopes!


What are your favorite fall #ScentsySignatures?

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