What’s your crystal aura?

Photo of the Scentsy Crystal Wax Bars lined up

Some people light up a room the moment they walk in.

Some put you at ease without saying a word. Others make you feel loved no matter what. Everybody has that “something” about them, an aura that’s undeniable.

Crystals are believed by many to emanate an aura, too, positive vibes that uplift and encourage us. If you had to guess, what crystal would best reflect the aura in you?

Would it be Citrine, the lively orange-yellow crystal known for promoting positivity and building self-confidence?

Photo of Citrine wax bar from Scentsy's Crystal Wax Collection

Or would it be Amethyst, the precious purple stone said to subdue negativity, calm and protect?

Photo of Amethyst wax bar from Scentsy's Crystal Wax Collection

Or maybe Green Calcite, believed to encourage emotional balance and self-acceptance?

Photo of Green Calcite wax bar from Scentsy's Crystal Wax Collection

What about Lapis Lazuli, the true-blue gem thought to impart truth, honesty and self-awareness.

Photo of Lapis Lazuli wax bar from Scentsy's Crystal Wax Collection

Perhaps you’re most like Rose Quartz, the purely pink crystal known for encouraging unconditional love and inner peace?

Photo of Rose Quartz wax bar from Scentsy's Crystal Wax Collection

Whatever crystal best expresses your personality, know that there are specially blended fragrances that reflect your positive traits, too. You’ll find them in our new Crystal Wax Collection, five new Scentsy Bar fragrances inspired by the uplifting attributes of crystals — in fact, the crystals mentioned above are the names of those new fragrances!

Want to know more about your crystal match?

Take our What Crystal Are You? Quiz now. Be a gem of a friend and share the fun with those you know and love!

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