Let’s do a little extra this Christmas

Photo of merry christmas card aside a plate of cookies
As we approach the final week of the year, that magical seven-day stretch from Christmas Day to New Year’s Eve, our hearts are bursting — we want this time to feel extra special, in the ways that matter most. So one question sits steadfastly front-of-mind:

“How can we show more love this Christmas?”

It’s the season of giving, but not everything can be found online. We know this, and still the most important gifts we can possibly give are overlooked in the hustle and bustle: kindness, time, thoughtfulness, reflection and, yes, love.

We adore this simple, honest quote by Charles M. Schulz:

“Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.”

Isn’t that a wonderful sentiment? There is often more love, pound for pound, in a small act of kindness than in a grand gesture. It doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or stressful to give of yourself. Christmas is about touching hearts, not blowing minds.

Not sure where to begin? Here are a few ideas we plan to try:

  1. Master the making of an insanely yummy new Christmas cookie — then give it away

    The traditional sugar cookie reigns supreme this time of year, but why not bake something unexpected and share the results? These unique, taste-tested treats will disappear long before Santa comes to town:

    photo of cocoa and snowman mashmallows

    Be sure to multiply these recipes by however much you’d like to treat your neighbors, friends and your local everyday heroes — they never turn down cookies at the police station or firehouse! Involve the whole family in the baking, decorating and delivery. For so many of us, food = love.

    1. Make time for the moments you really shouldn’t miss

    Andy Rooney said,

    “One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day. Don’t clean it up too quickly.”

    How often do you miss the meaning in a moment, only because you can’t seem to slow down and really experience it? For the first time ever, we’re capturing more memories on camera than we actually store in our heads and hearts. Distractions are everywhere, and they often present themselves as something we “should” do. This year, just don’t. Sit back and enjoy or engage in the fun. The people you love will notice.

    1. Don’t forget Mr. Postman

    There are people in your life who serve you or your family the whole year through — make a list. From your kids’ teachers to the neighborhood mailman, take some time to share your gratitude for the important work they do. Give a small gift or batch of cookies, and don’t forget to include a heartfelt, handwritten note of thanks.

    Photo aside christmas cards

    1. Say “Merry Christmas” more often

    The same goes for “Season’s Greetings” or “Happy New Year.” There is absolutely no guesswork in wishing others well this season, even complete strangers. These ready-made sentiments take so little time and energy to give, you should be sprinkling them everywhere you go.

    In the spirit of doing a little something extra…

    Whether you are a Scentsy Consultant, Home Office employee, a beloved customer or you just happened upon this message by accident, we want to sincerely wish you:

    Merry Christmas,
    Season’s Greetings,
    and a Happy New Year.
    With love, from all of us at Scentsy.

    Photo of Scentsy Employees in their Holiday sweaters and hats
    Members of our Consultant Support team dressed up for the holiday

    Photo of Heidi and Orville in the Scentsy tunnel of lights
    Heidi and Orville Thompson, Scentsy’s President and CEO

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