Make more time for family this holiday season

Photo of mother smiling at her baby in front of Christmas tree

The best part of the holiday season is the time we share with our loved ones

Laughter, quality time and memories with family and friends are better than any gift we could give or receive.

That’s why it’s so important to slow down around the holidays and make time for each other. Easier said than done, right? Life is hectic enough between work, school, sports, church and any other activities the kids are involved in. Throw the holidays in on top of that, and it’s a more-than-full schedule.

While life can make us a little crazy from time to time, spending time with friends and family has a way of calming all of the outside noises (especially when we put down our phones).

Photo of little girl eating holiday cupcakes with parents in the background

There are plenty of opportunities to work family time into everyday life without going out and spending money:

  • Make dinner as a family (and eat together — at the table).
  • Bake holiday cookies together.
  • Go for a drive or a walk to see Christmas lights.
  • Read Christmas stories.
  • Volunteer together.
  • Decorate the tree together.
  • Make holiday crafts, family greeting cards or thank you cards.
  • Have a movie night or game night.
  • Take advantage of all the free community events this time of year, like Christmas light displays, festivals or parades. If you live where it snows, make a snowman or go sledding. Snowball fight, anyone?

Photo of little girl hanging christmas ornament on the tree

It isn’t always easy to take time off around the holidays, so we have to make a point to squeeze in family time when we can.

One thing that could help you enjoy more time with your family is to start a side business — one that allows for not only extra income, but greater flexibility around when you work and how much you work.

Photo of a woman giving her friend a christmas gift

Family-friendly business opportunities like Scentsy offer Consultants the freedom to work their business on their schedule, making more time for what’s important. And what’s more important than family?

If this sounds good to you, talk to your Consultant about joining Scentsy. Don’t have a Consultant? Learn more about becoming an independent Scentsy Consultant here.

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