Keep it clean (and fresh) with Scentsy Hand Soap

October is the kickoff to the holiday season, and that means parties, yummy treats, traveling, school events, getting the flu, catching up with friends …

Wait, what about the flu? Cold and flu season, that ever-present shadow of the holiday season, is upon us. ’Tis the season for giving, but not for sharing germs! Take some time now to revamp your hand-washing habits.

That’s some handy soap

Regular hand washing keeps us healthy and prevents the spread of germs from person to person. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests washing your hands after touching your face, interacting with others, handling animals and any other time you come in contact with germs. Using hand soap to wash away disease-causing germs keeps you safe and protects the people around you.

The nitty gritty

You’ve heard that oil and water don’t mix. That’s true, except when soap is introduced to the equation. Soap breaks oil into smaller droplets that can mingle with water. When you wash with soap, the dirt and natural oil on your skin (and the germs mixed in with that oil) can be rinsed away.

Armed with this knowledge, “lather and rinse well” takes on new meaning. But how long do you really need to lather up?

The 20-second rule

Many of us scrub for a millisecond and move on, but for the best results, the CDC recommends washing your hands for at least 20 seconds. That’s enough time to sing your “ABCs” twice.

If those 20 seconds are dragging, Scentsy Hand Soap can help turn blah time into spa time. With fragrances like Make a Splash, you’ll feel like you’re standing before a sparkling lagoon instead of your kitchen sink. As a bonus, Scentsy Hand Soap features moisturizing sunflower oil and aloe to help your skin stay dewy and soft.

Don’t I need antibacterial hand soap?

Scentsy Hand Soap doesn’t have antibacterial properties, but the very act of washing your hands is the most effective method of preventing the spread of germs.

According to the CDC, regular hand soap and water gets rid of germs just as well as antibacterial soaps. Plus, regular liquid soap tends to be less expensive than antibacterial soap and it won’t kill healthy bacteria on your skin’s surface. When you use Scentsy Hand Soap, you’re not just safely removing dirt and germs — you’re refreshing your hands and pampering your skin!

So bring on cold and flu season — you’re ready to catch anything it throws at you with squeaky-clean hands.

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