The Tale of Summer Messes, with Happy Endings!

In a matter of minutes, the messy side of summer can blow through your life like a cyclone.

Consider this tale, featuring YOU, an untidy cast of characters, and a few Scentsy Clean and Laundry favorites!

Young Timmy’s at the picnic table about to blast his hotdog with ketchup. You notice he’s got the bottle pointed the wrong way — at his T-shirt. You race toward him, but the little guy’s quick on the squeeze. Now he looks like an abstract painting, “Red Splotches on White Canvas.” You go to the washroom, flush the tee with cold water, pretreat it with stain-fighting Scentsy Laundry Liquid and toss it in the wash, adding more liquid for a full load.

Meanwhile, your husband, Barbecue Bob, is in the kitchen washing his basting brushes, blissfully unaware that on his way to the sink, he gave your counter a thick and sticky smear of Memphis-style barbecue sauce. He is aware how well your Scentsy Kitchen Soap is cleaning his brushes, however. Good for Bob, as he returns to the backyard to man the grill. Not so good for you, when you discover the mess. But you’ve got Scentsy Counter Clean to take care of that!

As you spray down the counter, in rushes your Labrador, Clyde, who blows by the screen door left open by, you guessed it, Barbecue Bob. In Clyde’s mouth is Timmy’s whiffle ball, and on Clyde’s tail is Timmy, who wants it back. There’s a stare-down in the living room. Clyde is dripping wet, having jumped in the kiddie pool to snatch the ball. Timmy says, “Drop it!” Clyde drops it. You think all is well. Until Clyde shakes and splashes water all over your carpet and curtains, leaving them smelling like Canine No. 5. This, of course, is a job for Scentsy Fresh.

In the end, when the cyclone has passed, all is clean and fragrant. You spritz the carpet and curtains with odor-eliminating Scentsy Fresh in Coconut Lemongrass scent. You pull Timmy’s tee from the wash — it’s clean, and what remains is the liveliness of Sunkissed Citrus Laundry Liquid. And you leave the kitchen sauce-free and heavenly scented, thanks to Lemon Verbana Counter Clean and, yes, the Luna Kitchen Soap Barbecue Bob used to clean his brushes.

How’s that for a happy ending?

Share this tale with friends, so their summer-mess stories can end on a happy fragrance note, too! And to shop our Clean and Laundry products, contact your Consultant. If you don’t have a Consultant, find one here.


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