Happy International Fragrance Day from Scentsy

Celebrating a breath of fresh air

International Fragrance Day is March 21, and while it may not be the most famous holiday on the calendar, it should be cause for celebration! Initially founded by perfume companies in the 1980s, the day has evolved to honor all the scents that give you those feel-good moments. Here’s how you can celebrate:

Stop and smell the roses — literally

Well OK, they don’t explicitly have to be roses, but you should remind yourself to pause and take in the  scents of your environment. In the course of a busy day, our sense of smell often goes unappreciated — unless there’s a particularly strong  fragrance (good or bad). Take a moment and breathe deeply. What does your space smell like? Is it comforting and familiar? Crisp and sterile? Utterly unremarkable? You may discover an aspect of your space you’ve never appreciated before, or one that you’d like to change.

Remember beloved fragrances

Think of a scent from your childhood — what memories does it stir? Is this a fragrance you still get to experience today, or is it hard to come by?  Fragrances are one of the strongest triggers for nostalgia, carrying vivid memories with every whiff. At Scentsy, we know how meaningful this experience can be, which is why we’ve put together these handy fragrance families! Exploring  these categories can help you rediscover  scents that send you to your happy place.

Treat yourself!

You’ve paused to take in the perfume of the present and reflected on your favorite scents from the past — now it’s time to think about the future. Give yourself the gift of great fragrance, whether that means making a deliciously aromatic meal, getting yourself a bouquet of your favorite flowers, or stocking up on Scentsy Wax Bars! With a little forethought, you can make every breath a little burst of joy.

What’s your favorite fragrance? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Marie Eve Fournier Reply

    My favorite one is luna!! Then amazon rain

    • Shannon Johnson Reply

      Luna and Amazon rain our Scentsys top sellers for sure. Lune , White florals — jasmine, sweet pea, and freesia — juicy berries, and sandalwood shimmer like moonlight. Amazon Rain, Set off on a rainforest romp swirling with sweet notes of melon, orange zest, coconut milk and sultry night blooming jasmine.

  2. Frances Hawkins Reply

    I love roses and jasmine.

  3. Stephanie Sullivan Reply

    Vanilla oak

  4. Britney Holbrook Reply

    Summer Holiday 🥰🥰🥰

    • Shannon Johnson Reply

      Summer Holiday, one of my all time spring favorites, Steal away to a sunny isle bursting with lush plumeria, tiger lily and sweet orange softened by vanilla and radiant amber.

  5. Dawn Mullis Reply

    Island hopping. Scent just makes me smile

  6. Petra Carlisle Reply

    I like nectarine or peach 🍑 and fresh clean cotton 🪴 mixed with something fruity like kiwi 🥝 or pineapple 🍍
    Melted Cocoa and warm cookie 🍪 sugarcane

  7. Petra Carlisle Reply

    I like Shaka and chilli mangoes.

  8. Lynne Jack Reply

    My all time favourite scent is Life in bloom 😍
    It reminds me of our family holiday to Lanzarote walking around the hotel gardens and along the beach promenade.
    Brings back happy feelings and memories.

  9. Kirsty Murphy Reply

    Summer holiday

  10. Sharon Lunnon Reply

    My favourite fragrance to date is Cosy Cardigan

  11. Regina Tibbo Cox Reply

    Just recently start using scentsy
    And so far I love it
    Hoping to get more involved

    • Eva Murdock Reply

      These would be great to smell while im recuperating from cancer treatments
      Thank you

  12. Danielle m Reply

    The Marvel Nine realms scent! It needs to be the next luna. Put that stuff in everything! I need it in body scrub, scentsy soak, body lotion and body spray pllease!

  13. Dana Ellis-Barnes Reply

    There are so many to choose from but if I have to pick one then it would be “Sand Swept”.

    • Shannon Johnson Reply

      Sand Swept, one of our newest 2021 fragrances this year. Absolutely amazing aroma, Blue ocean water breaks on the coastline over sandstone, driftwood and pink lemon groves.

  14. Tiffanie Crawford Reply

    Bonfire beach is my all time favorite

  15. Amy Kiser Reply

    I love Scentsy and the waxes smell so good. I love Amazon Rain. The warmers are beautiful and last years. Thank you

  16. Amanda Martinez Reply

    I love the fresh/fruity smell of marvel nine realms! My daughter loves it too of course because of the superhero’s on the front but she loves helping me change out the wax and watching it melt in the warmer. 🧡

  17. Tracy Reply

    Pina colado

  18. Tracy Reply


  19. Eva Murdock Reply

    Im new to sentry but i love it and will continue buying it

  20. Eva Murdock Reply

    I have been buying sentry from Brianna for about 6 months and she is wonderful and i love it

  21. Tammy Davis Reply

    I love blueberry cheesecake. It’s my favorite scent. Makes my house smell good.!!!!!

    • Tammy Davis Reply

      My favorite scent is blueberry cheesecake. Makes my house smell good.!!!!!Even my husband likes the smell of it. There are many scents I love..

  22. Anthony Urban Reply

    Sea salt and avocado

  23. Amy K Martin Reply

    Ocean Breeze is my favorite. It makes my home smell like it’s near an ocean.

  24. Caimen Vanallen Reply

    It’s hard to pick just ONE! My favorites are my dear Watson, welcome home, and Luna!

  25. Rebecca Daugherty Reply

    Coral waters
    Jade Jasmine
    Black raspberry vanilla
    Sand swept
    By the sea
    Aloe water cucumber
    Hibiscus pineapple

    I could just keep going ☺️

    Love. Them. All.

  26. Traci Trew Reply

    Artic Kiss

  27. Julie Watson Reply

    Blackberry rush

  28. Lisa Lehenbauer Reply

    I Love Just Breathe. It is not strong but just strong enough to fill my house. It’s a very calming smell

  29. Rene Reply

    Squeeze The Day and Rainbows and Butterflies are my favorite of the season!

  30. Kaelynn M Kusinko Reply

    Oh snap(dragon)

  31. Buy and Sell Scents Reply

    Good stuff and collection i had to see in this post. Thank you so much to provide such best information and collection of scentsy products.

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