Settle in to the New Year

Can you believe the holidays are over? We plan and prepare for months, but the last week of the year is a blur of parties and presents — we’re exhausted before it even begins! Whether you celebrated every single moment or stayed glued to the countdown clock, it’s time to emerge from the holiday madness and give yourself a break.

What’s your happy new year?

Life is all about balancing what we should do with what we want to do. It’s a happy day when the two collide, and rejuvenating self-care is one item you should want to check off your list. Consider this:

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”
— Anne Lamott

It’s OK to admit that you’re feeling a bit run-down this time of year. Before you can properly attack that resolution or get your head back in the game of work and family, you’ll need to relax and restore.

photo of woman reminiscing with cup of coffee

Not one to let yourself be? Here are a few ways to help you wrangle some much-needed “me” time:


The longer you stare down the now-unlit Christmas tree and empty stockings, the heavier the weight on your shoulders becomes. It seems like a small thing, but don’t wait to clear out the decorations and clean up the holiday mess. It’s hard to allow ourselves to relax when we look around and see so much that needs to be done. Box it up and exhale!

photo of clean home


Think about what truly relaxes you. For some, it’s a hot, fizzy bath and a good book. Others prefer to sweat out the stresses of life at the gym or on the slopes. However you choose to relax, here’s one universal tip: unplug! Don’t take your phone into the tub, even if it’s one of those fancy waterproof designs. Don’t zone out watching TV on the treadmill. Instead, let your mind shut off. Or, at least, allow it to wander. You might be surprised where it goes.



Take time to think about the past year and all the things you loved experiencing. Decide what you want to improve upon this year and beyond. Don’t let another year pass without setting intentions for how you’ll make it better. Choose where to focus your energy. And remember, it’s OK to reevaluate your priorities throughout the year and adjust as needed.

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It’s important to regularly include downtime in your busy life — and your commitment to it will help your family slow down, too. Time with family and friends is the most important thing, so be lazy together! Institute a movie-and-pizza night once a week, or make Friday game night and take turns picking what you play. Set a relaxed and contented mood with a positive fragrance in your home, and breathe in the possibilities of another wonderful year with the people you love.

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