Our top 15 Scentsy moments in 15 years

2018 Scentsy Rock-A-Thon kick off

This year, Scentsy turns 15!

It’s a milestone worth celebrating, and one we couldn’t let pass without a little reminiscing.

When Heidi and Orville Thompson started Scentsy 15 years ago, a supportive community rallied around them. Family, friends and our earliest Consultants worked endless hours for little or no pay to help start Scentsy off on the right path — the path that led us all here.

Since then, there have been too many incredible moments to mention, and far too many wonderful people to count. So, even though it’s an IMPOSSIBLE task, we asked Heidi and Orville to list their top 15 Scentsy moments so far.

Here’s what they shared, in no particular order:

  1. Moving Scentsy from the farm to our first official building on Franklin Road (2004)

But we didn’t live on Franklin for long — Scentsy outgrew the space in a matter of months.

Scentsy first official location on Franklin

  1. Announcing our partnership with Disney at Scentsy Family Reunion (2018)

It had been such a long time coming, and we’ll never forget the roar of excitement from the crowd!

Heidi, Orville, and the kids announce Scentsy's partnership with Disney

  1. Going on a safari in Africa — along with 100 top-earning Consultants and their guests (2017)

We love going on new adventures together, and this was our WILDEST trip yet!

2017 African Safari Incentive Trip

  1. Our first incentive trip, to Hawaii (2007)

It was thrilling to get to celebrate our very first Consultant achievers.

The very first Consultant incentive trip in Hawaii

  1. Moving our entire home office team to Scentsy Commons (2013)

It had been a long-held dream to bring our entire employee family together to work in one beautiful, inspiring location.

Heidi, Orville, and the kids open the Scentsy Commons

  1. Being named the fastest-growing consumer products company by Inc. Magazine (2011)

The more we grow, the more value we can bring to lives, our Consultants – and the world.

Orville and Heidi holding Inc 500 Magazine Scentsy is featured in

  1. Installing Alice, our first candle bar injection machine (2008)

Finally, we were automating! The machine was named after Heidi’s mom Alice, who worked for Scentsy for two full years without pay.

Employees moving Alice into the warehouse to be installed

  1. Earning the first DSA Rising Star Award (2009)

It was the first time the Direct Selling Association awarded a Rising Star, and we were so honored.

Scentsy DSA Rising Star Award

  1. Watching fireworks and hosting the Rock-a-Thon every year (2014-2018)

Rocking for a wonderful cause is always rewarding, but to top all that love and generosity off with a celebration of our Scentsy family? Spectacular.

Beautiful fireworks exploding over the main Scentsy tower

  1. Bringing all Consultants together for our first GLOBAL Scentsy Family Reunion (2018)

We were right next door to Disneyland in Anaheim, but there was a lot more magic in the convention center that week than at the park!

First global Scentsy Family Reunion

  1. Writing the Scentsy Mission on the way to Salt Lake City to meet with Consultants (2004)

Our mission: To bring value to the world by providing an industry-leading, family-friendly business opportunity selling creative, artistic, high-quality products that Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses and Inspire the Soul.

  1. Getting to design our first Scentsy Warmers (2006)

It’s harder than it looks! Over the years, we’ve added dozens of new designs so every Scentsy customer can find at least one warmer to love.

The very first Scentsy warmer

  1. Breaking $1 million in sales in a single day (2008)

Getting to share these milestones with our Consultants is what we love most — it’s why we work so hard!

  1. Expanding our Scentsy family into new countries (2009-2019)

From a small family business on a tiny Idaho sheep farm to a family of Scentsy Consultants that spans 12 countries — unbelievable!

Scentsy 2011 growth map - growth in the United Kingdoms and Germany

  1. Volunteering at the Sierra-Justo Elementary School during our incentive trip to Cancun (2008)

We spent the day painting, planting flowers, cleaning the play yard and fixing the basketball courts. The students at the school provided us with a wonderful cultural dance exhibition before the work got started — they were so appreciative of all our efforts.

Photo of Orville with Student from Cancun Incentive Trip

Heidi and Orville would be the first ones to tell you that this list changes often. With so many wonderful, life-changing memories to choose from, drilling them down to just 15 was hard.

We think that’s kind of beautiful, don’t you? At Scentsy, we all have so much to look back on and remember. But we’re also excited to see what comes next. No matter what, you can bet there will be plenty of fun, beautiful fragrance and an ever-growing community of friendship and support.

Here’s to the next 15 years together!

To learn more about the Scentsy Story or what it means to be a Scentsy Consultant, go to scentsy.com.


  1. Debra snyder

    Amazing I’m glad in scentsy was inspired by my niece in Oct of 2017still in today went to tour in March of 2019 that was fun learned alot wish I could have made the 15yr celebration but maybe next one but I’m loving it everyday thank you for making it possible…

  2. Dawn Eschbach

    Congratulations on 15 years of greatness! I have only been a consultant for 2 months and I’m so happy I joined because this is not just a company but a family of amazing people. Thank you for all you do for us!

  3. Debbie B

    The Lord has brought more people into my life that I otherwise would have never met. I love giving back to the schools and to the Lord.

  4. Itzel

    I love to be part of this history!!!

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