Gratitude can help you foster a better personal life and business

world gratitude day. two hands making a heart

World Gratitude Day is Sept. 21. It all started in 1965, when attendees at an international gathering in Hawaii decided to set aside a day to formally express gratitude. The tradition spread from there. Now people and organizations across the globe — including Scentsy — observe the event by expressing how grateful we all are.

Cultivating and expressing thankfulness has so many benefits. It feels good. It makes others happy. Research shows that gratitude is associated with positive emotions and mental health, better relationships and greater happiness. Overall, a grateful mindset is beneficial for your personal and work life. Experts say the more thanks you give, the more you have to offer. And, using inspiration from your example, others will start a gratitude chain.

Here’s how to start a chain of gratitude in your personal life:

  • Literally count your blessings. Take a few minutes to meditate, ponder or pray about the many good things in your life.
  • Set a personal goal to give thanks at least once per day.
  • Keep a gratitude journal.
Gratitude journal

Here’s how to start a chain of gratitude in your work life:

  • Say “thank you” to the people you work with. Harvard Health reports that team members who feel appreciated are happier, have better morale, and are more motivated, engaged and productive!
  • Write a note or letter of thanks. Hand-deliver your note or send it via snail mail or email. This simple act nurtures relationships with co-workers and customers. Customers who feel appreciated are more likely to bring return business.
  • An attitude of gratitude also benefits your own work! Recognizing those who help you hit milestones leads to satisfaction and improved performance!
  • It’s easy to thank the shining stars around us, but also look for low-key contributors. Not every contribution is highly visible, but still has tremendous value. Acknowledge that!
  • Recognize the people who regularly recognize others! It will inspire others to follow their lead!

Tell us in the comments what you are grateful for, or how you plan to celebrate World Gratitude Day. Start a gratitude chain by sharing on social media. Use #WorldGratitudeDay and #Scentsy so we can celebrate with you.

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