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Of all the fragrance types, floral scents are by far the most popular.

Over the years, they’ve grown as varied as they are recognized, with near-countless options ranging from innocent to unabashedly seductive.

What it is that keeps florals in the limelight?

“Floral fragrances are popular because they have mass appeal and tend to make people happy, evoking a favorite memory or a special time,” explains Martha Noyes, a Scentsy perfumer. “They can also be blended with other notes to appeal more to men or others who may not want such a ‘flowery’ smell.”

Florals are enjoying an extra surge in popularity among younger generations, too.

“I think one of the reasons florals are doing so well with younger people is because millennials don’t associate notes like rose or gardenia with older generations, so they’re curious,” explains Mariel Schweitzer, Scentsy Fragrance Development Specialist. “One of our Scentsy perfumers pointed out that millennials have grown up with a market-full of fruity fragrances, so they want to branch out.”

And flower power isn’t just confined to fragrance!

“We’re seeing floral-infusion waters from major brands,” says Mariel. “We also see it in beauty masks. Rose is a big call out, and white florals are also trending.”

“Floral fragrances are popular because they have mass appeal and tend to make people happy, evoking a favorite memory or a special time”

Before a floral fragrance can take the world by storm, however, it has to be created. And that’s a complex, well-honed art.

bouquet“Perfumers use a combination of synthetic and natural notes to create a realistic smelling floral fragrance,” explains Martha Noyes. “Rose is usually the most common, with other notes of jasmine, cyclamen or gardenia to create a white floral scent, or subtle notes of muguet, leafy green or bright citrus to add different nuances for a natural effect.”

Most importantly, what separates the truly exceptional floral scents from the rest?

“The greatest smelling fragrances are those that smell like what’s made in nature,” says Martha Noyes.

Here are some of the floral fragrances you’ll find in our 2017 Spring/Summer Catalog:

Flower Child
Mariposa Lily
Lilacs & Violets
Lush Gardenia
Sweet Pea & Vanilla
You’re My Buttercup
Coconut Vanilla Orchid

Experiencing is believing when it comes to our fragrances, so contact your Consultant to host a party or place an order! If you don’t have a Consultant, find one here.


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