Expert tips for the best fall fragrance

Autumn arrives with a flutter of crimson, brisk sunsets and the crisp crunch of leaves underfoot. Then, there’s the less poetic entrance of all things pumpkin spice. It’s popular for a reason, but there’s so much more to the fragrances of fall. Scentsy’s fragrance experts share what gives the quintessential fragrances staying power and what’s fresh this season.

People look forward to fall as a time of change – breaking jeans and sweaters out of the closet, kids head back to school, fall foliage bursts into stunning colors and the holiday countdown starts. Many consider it pumpkin spice season, and in many ways it is. But there is more than meets the nose in a latte cup. A few tried-and-true Scentsy fall fragrances include notes of apples, cranberries, woods and florals. Check out our First Day of Fall, Cider MillScarlet Sunflower and, yes, Pumpkin Roll scents.

Q: What are the latest trends in fragrance for fall 2022?

Birch is growing in popularity, both in fine fragrance (think elite Paris perfumeries) and more accessible home fragrance. As a fragrance note, Birch is super versatile and offers an interesting masculine nuance to blends. Take a scented tour of Scentsy’s Fall/Winter 2022 new releases, and you’ll find a birch note in a surprising place (Hint: it’s Frosted Vanilla).

Q: How does Scentsy choose elements for fall fragrance? 

We work very hard to stay current with trends, find gaps in our fragrance library and listen to our Consultants and customers! In many ways, we also try to introduce Scentsy fan diffusers to scents and fragrance notes that might set new trends or create delightful experiences. To that end, we are always looking at fresh, and maybe slightly unexpected, ways to use favorite fall fragrance notes.

Q: Speaking of the unexpected, what are some fall fragrances that might surprise people?

In Scentsy’s Fall/Winter 2022 Catalog, we’ve included a fragrance called Sips of Cider, which, surprisingly, falls in the citrus fragrance family. Citrus is uncommon in many fall scents, but this fragrance offers a refreshing, bright pop of blood orange mixed with more traditional fall notes of sparkling ginger and cinnamon sticks.

Q: What is new and exciting in fall fragrance? 

The emergence of smoky notes is a remarkable new trend. And that makes sense from a scent memory and nostalgia point of view. Smoke evokes cherished time spent with family and friends around fire pits and in campgrounds. A great example of a Scentsy fragrance with that note is Around the Campfire, which continues to grow in popularity.

What is your favorite fall fragrance? What is your favorite Scentsy fragrance? Love pumpkin spice, or hate it? Tell us in the comments.

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