Adding Scentsy fragrances to your home

Is there such a thing as too much fragrance?

Of course not! Scentsy fully supports your right to fill your life with fragrance however you see fit. Now, if you have multiple Scentsy Warmers, it can be hard to know how to best maximize the scented experience in your home. Here are three ways you can make the most of multiple home fragrance systems at once:

1. Coordinate

Have a Scentsy Bar you’re absolutely in love with? Have that scent follow you room to room by splitting the wax between several Scentsy Warmers! This is a great way to create a unified theme for your home fragrance, bringing the same scented comfort to multiple rooms. If you’re the sort of person who color coordinates their décor, this is likely the perfect fragrance strategy for your sensibilities.

2. Complement

If you crave a little more variety, consider using scents that complement one another from room to room. With countless combinations to choose from, this is an opportunity to let your creativity shine! If you want to keep things simple, sticking to one fragrance family is often a safe bet. For example, you could pair multiple floral Scentsy Bars to create a bouquet of fragrance throughout your home! If you like mixing and matching clothes to create signature outfits, this approach is right up your alley!

3. Chaos

Fragrance families are less like rules and more like guidelines. Who says you can’t have one room scented with bright fruit and another immersed in full-bodied aromas of wood? Creating a vibrant collage of scents is a great way to highlight their differences and call attention to your home’s fragrance experience. This is a great approach if you march to the beat of your own drum — or just need to clear some space in your wax collection for new Scentsy Bars!

What’s your preferred way to fill your life with fragrance? Let us know in the comments!

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