Dress up Lenny and other Buddies this Halloween!

Your kids have been waiting all year to celebrate Halloween, and you know what?

So has Lenny the Lamb, our adorable Scentsy Buddy!

That’s why we made him a cute little Pumpkin costume, part of our new Buddy Clothing line designed to fit not only Lenny but most Scentsy Buddies. He tried it on early (of course) and he loves it! But when it comes to Halloween, Lenny’s anything but sheepish. He loves dressing up in all kinds of costumes leading up to the big day, and that’s where you and your children come in.

Who will Lenny and the other Buddies in your kids’ flock of friends be this year?

The possibilities are endless, and when you make the costumes yourself, they’re also affordable and a lot of fun. Following are a few DIY (Do It Yourself) costumes for children that you can modify to fit your beloved Buddy.

  • Ghost

    A classic, and so easy to make because there’s no sewing involved. You will need a pair of sewing scissors, however, and some white fleece, black felt and glue from the fabric store. See instructions at Bombshell Bling.

  • Skeleton

    If your crafty bone is connected to your fun bone, this one will be a treat! It’ll take a few everyday infant garments (black) and a trip to the craft store for white felt and other supplies. See instructions at Country Living.

  • Waldo

    Turning Lenny into Waldo can be done almost entirely with the right infant clothing: a striped red-and-white shirt, matching pom-pom hat, and blue jeans. The “almost” part will be finding a pair of costume eyeglasses. See Waldo at DIY & Crafts.

  • Clark Kent

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, wait. It’s Lenny disguised as a mild-mannered reporter! This is another costume you could easily make out of infant or toddler clothes, including a Superman onesie or bib. Just add eyeglasses! See Clark Kent at Costume Works.

  • Harry Potter

    Lenny would probably love being this famous wizard, and the good news is, YOU don’t have to be a wizard to put his costume together! All it takes is finding the right baby clothes and, most notably, those unmistakable glasses and scarf. See Harry Potter at Love & Lion.

Those are just a few ideas. What are yours? Share them on any of our social media pages, including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We’d love to know what costumes you come up with for the other trick-or-treater in your household — your Scentsy Buddy!

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