Expert décor tips to style a simple fall entry table

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A quick scroll through social media shows influencers with décor that perfectly matches the season. So we rifle through our décor totes and try to measure up. If your end result doesn’t always match the Instagram dream, you don’t have to live with a decorating disaster. The good news is that styling your home truly isn’t complicated, and it doesn’t have to break the bank! Just pick from a few of our expert tips for a perfectly styled seasonal home. For fall, focus on the colors of the season, the fruits of the harvest and objects that make us feel cozy and comfy.

A great way to welcome fall décor into your home is to style an entry table.  These tables are most common near the front door, of course. But these versatile fixtures fit seamlessly in a dining room, hallway, loft or bedroom.

Odd symmetry

As you’re gathering items to style, think both symmetry and odd numbers. It sounds unusual, but you want balance to both sides of the table and add groupings in odd numbers, like three, five and seven. That’s because in design, odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye. Also consider layers, meaning you should also include the wall behind the table and space beneath the table in your design.

Natural colors

Next, choose your color palette. Select from natural outdoor colors or find something complementary to your existing home décor. If your tastes trend toward the modern, consider muted tones like wheat or corn husk paired with black. Traditional enthusiasts might choose from the oranges, yellows and browns of autumn.

Luxe layers

First, add a seasonal wreath to the wall. It’s fine to layer it over an existing mirror or piece of art. Go the store-bought route or make it as simple as branches from the yard arranged into a circlet and enhanced with leaves and berries. Then, you’ll want to anchor the table with a runner or swath of fabric. Place the biggest décor items on either end of the table, keeping in mind symmetry of size and tone. Don’t forget to add heavier items like baskets or vases below the console if it works in your space.

Inexpensive elegance

Now you’re ready to fill in the design. Whatever your color preferences, there are inexpensive (and free!) items to add to your fall console. Pumpkins are traditional, but gourds of any color and size look gorgeous in a grouping.  Then add in leaves, faux or real, acorns, corn husks or branches. Consider including elements like wooden bowls, metallic lamps or baskets with throws and pillows.

fall table decor

How will you style your fall home? Tell us your best hacks, tips and tricks in the comments.

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