Five steps to start an indoor herb garden

Herbs planted in terracotta plants

Grow fresh herbs in your own home!

The only thing better than a home-cooked meal is one that uses house-grown herbs! Flavors like the subtle sweetness of basil and the  crisp zing of parsley quickly fade in the produce aisle, to say nothing of the dried stuff. The best way to enjoy fresh, full-bodied flavors is to start your own indoor herb garden! And it’s easier than you think. Here are  some simple tips for getting the most out of your herb oasis:

Start small

There’s no rush to replace all the seasoning in your pantry with potted plants! Starting out with one or two easy-to-care-for herbs is ideal — it keeps the process simple, saves space and helps you get into a gardening routine! Once you get used to it, and if you feel up to the challenge, you can branch out! You could even add other indoor-friendly plants like tomatoes to the mix.

Three plants in terracotta pots

Know what your plants need

For indoor herbs to thrive, they need sunlight and water — but the amount of each can vary by plant. Basil, for example, only needs to be watered once or twice a week and grows best when given at least  six hours of full sunlight. Parsley is also low maintenance when it comes to watering but can still grow in partial shade. However, herbs such as rosemary and fennel can be a little more demanding for beginning gardeners. Other factors like temperature and humidity can play a role in how well your plants grow — it’s best to do your research and find what plants thrive best in your area.

Find room to grow

Once you know the needs of the herbs you’d like to grow, the next step is ensuring you have somewhere to put them! Windowsills are a natural choice, but generally whichever part of your house gets the most sunlight is best. Note, this area may change depending on what time of year it is! Ideally this space is somewhere where watering mishaps won’t be a big deal: A little spill over the kitchen sink is fine, but you may want to think twice about keeping plants on your computer desk.

Get started!

Once you’ve prepared, there’s nothing left to do  but get started — and we’d love to help! Scentsy’s Life’s a Garden Wax & Warmer Collection is perfect for cultivating your love of gardening. It includes fresh-picked fragrances and a garden-inspired warmer, but it gets sweeter. The Life’s a Garden Wax Bundle comes in a decorative bag, with a packet of basil and parsley seeds to get you started! If you love Scentsy and want to flex your green thumb, check out this limited-time offer while it’s still in bloom.

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