Secrets to stylish home décor that can survive the kids

A family sitting in the living room full of family-friendly and stylish home décor spending time together

“This is why we can’t have nice things.” So many parents have uttered this phrase when grape juice stains an area rug, sippy cups and cereal are scattered across counters and crayon scribbles across walls and doors qualify as fine art. And, of course, there’s the unique and excruciating pain of stepping into a pile of plastic building bricks.

It is a real challenge balancing style and durability living with munchkins. After all, the décor must work hard for the whole household. But it is possible to have a welcoming, beautiful home that is also practical, fun and safe.

Fine finish

Wherever possible, choose fabrics and finishes that are washable. For example, fine silk isn’t the best choice for throw pillows (until you have an empty nest?). Instead, opt for fabrics that can withstand wear and tear and the washing machine. Paint and wallpaper with a hint of sheen are easier to wipe down with an erasing sponge. Hardwood or engineered laminate floors hold up best against spills and scooter races. Also, look for window treatments that are durable and safe (no pull cords). Patterned area rugs will conceal spills and goldfish crumbs.

Bench it

Benches are a great option in a household catering to children. They serve a dual purpose, making an easier, more durable place to sit (at tables and in entryways) and a great place to store toys, blankets and more.

Round about

When littles are learning to toddle, sharp corners can become hazard zones. Protect precious noggins and keep the living room in style with round pieces and tufted upholstery. Choose an oversized ottoman instead of a glass or metal coffee table. If new furniture isn’t an option, slice pool noodles and paint them in a coordinating color. Slide on sharp edges for a temporary fix.


Design elements can be both visually appealing and fun for children, but remember to give them room to grow. Find a corner or a closet for kid-sized furniture and include shelves for books, games, art supplies and toys. Make the area enjoyable with soothing lighting, scents and soft textures, like a cuddly Scentsy Buddy. Keep downsized furniture in neutral tones to avoid a circus-like color scheme, but do allow for fun, colorful accessories. Consider adding frames to highlight the kids’ creative artwork with pride of place, which will encourage their spirits and remind them to keep their efforts on paper (and off your paint).

Little girl holding a Valley the Valais Blacknose Sheep Scentsy Buddy stuffed animal

Well stored

Clever storage is the key to avoiding clutter in a home with little ones. Baskets and bins are fine, especially if each person in the household has assigned coat hooks, shoe caddies, etc. But look outside of the norm for creative solutions. An old wood bin might be the perfect stylish and durable way to hide galoshes. A bright coat of paint on old lockers keeps backpacks, sneakers and winter coats stylishly stowed away. Also look for bonus spaces to store seasonal clothes and other essentials like in bins that slide under a bed. Keeping in mind that kids like to climb any vertical object, it’s good idea to anchor large shelves, dressers and cabinets to the wall.

How do you keep your home styled for adults but safe and durable for kids? Tell us below!

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