The cave is calling

Like all of us, most men have a favorite spot to hide out when they need some “me” time. Whether it’s a finished basement, den, or a workshop, a man cave is a sacred place and it should look and smell the part! Some men are even lucky enough to have a whole steel outbuilding to call their own! There are some fantastic outbuilding ideas on if the man in your life is in need of somewhere to relax and unwind. Steel outbuildings are easy to assemble and, in many cases, are also surprisingly affordable.

However, does your guy need some help getting his space on the path to righteousness? Maybe his steel outbuilding needs a little TLC? No worries! We’ve selected some great Warmers to spruce up the man cave in your life:

Mossy Oak Break-Up®

Stealthily stylish, our first licensed camo Warmer blends in with any man cave. Featuring the classic Mossy Oak Break-Up® pattern of interwoven leaves, acorns and branches.

Goal!/Slam Dunk!/Touchdown

Score! These fun, sports-themed Warmers will get his place primed and ready for game day.


If he prefers a more modern touch, this Balinese Buddha — finished with an aged, weathered look — will add a cool, meditative feel to his space.


Inspired by the intricately designed sugar skulls so prevalent in Mexican folk art, Calavera is the perfect choice for any guy who craves a little edge.

Do you have other cave-ready Warmers to add to this list? Tell us in the comments! To place an order, contact your Consultant or click here
to find one near you.

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