Expert tips for your Easter décor

Easter home décor ideas and Scentsy Easter collection products

Easter is just days away, and if your family is bouncing off the walls in anticipation of treats from the Easter bunny, let that energy inspire your home décor! This month is all about color, new growth and Mother Nature’s sensational transformation. A happy Easter is just a hop, skip and a jump away with these Easter decoration tips.

A spring in your step

Easter décor has a fortunate overlap with spring décor. Lean into this evergreen quality with plenty of natural elements and florals (especially those springtime queens, daffodils and tulips). Use this theme to guide your Easter design choices, so your various seasonal layers are harmonious.

Brighten up

Pastels are always pretty this time of year, but have you considered a brighter color palette for your Easter decorations? Saturated pinks, yellows, purples and greens all reflect the vibrant natural beauty that’s unfolding outside your door. Draw inspiration from the earliest flowers, like crocuses, with their verdant leaves and vivid petals.

Set the table, please

Level up your Easter Sunday brunch with seasonal table settings! Dress up your dinnerware with floral napkins, colorful glasses or springtime table runners. Metallic accents like gold cutlery add an extra flourish of elegance.

A touch of whimsy

Decorating trees is not limited to Christmas. If you have one or two fallen branches, put them to good use by crafting an Easter tree! Anchor your branches in a basket, and then cover them in your favorite Easter trinkets. Plastic Easter eggs attached to loops of twine make easy tree ornaments, and you can personalize them with paint or stickers if desired.

Home sweet home

Once your home looks festive, create a whimsical atmosphere using fragrance! Scentsy’s Easter 3-bar bundle features all-new, totally sweet scents: Mandarin Zest, Pinkberry Fluff and Violet Spun Sugar. There’s hardly a better way to welcome in the Easter bunny than with these fragrances, especially when they’re paired with the adorable Gnome for Easter Warmer or Cotton Meadow Mini Warmer.

Scentsy Easter Collection including the spring scented wax bar bundle of 3, cotton meadow mini warmer, Gnome for Easter wax warmer and Rosalina the Rabbit Scentsy Buddy

What’s your favorite Easter tradition? Comment below!

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