How to deal with holiday stress

Family gathering around the holiday time being responsible, good humans and wearing their masks

For all the songs about peace, joy and silent nights, the holidays sure can feel hectic. Shopping, cooking, party planning, family gatherings, decorating, traveling — this season has enough pressures to make even the jolliest among us mutter the occasional “Bah! Humbug!” If you find your inner Scrooge taking root, try these simple steps to bring a little more merriment back to your yuletide celebrations:

Be present

The emphasis the holidays put on get-togethers can sometimes work against us. It’s easy to get so caught up planning events that you forget to slow down and enjoy them. This year, try to not sweat the details and focus on spending time with the people you’re celebrating with. Worried about cooking a large feast? Suggest a potluck! Don’t have the energy for an elaborate gathering? Host a holiday movie marathon! What matters most is enjoying time with your loved ones.

Treat yourself (literally)

Making holiday treats is another tradition that can feel overwhelming. While baking homemade sugar cookies and other festive snacks can be a great family activity, it can add a lot of extra work to an already busy season — especially if you don’t bake regularly. There are plenty of store-bought options for holiday sweet tooths. In general, don’t be afraid to treat yourself to easier alternatives — from baking cookies to wrapping presents; doing something by hand isn’t worth stressing yourself out over.

Take a deep breath

Last but certainly not least, take care of yourself. With all the traditions and obligations that come with the season of giving, it can be hard to give anything to yourself — even a moment’s rest. But self-care is vital this time of year. A little relaxation can make even the most daunting holiday hurdles manageable, so don’t be afraid to set boundaries and gift yourself a few silent nights. And if indulging in great fragrances helps you unwind, Scentsy offers a wide selection of soothing Body products in some of our most-popular scents.

What’s your favorite way to destress during the holidays? Share it in the comments!

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