How to stay all-around warm this winter

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While the weather outside is frightful, staying warm – inside and out – can be so delightful! Here are some of our favorite ways to stay comfy this season and experience warmth inside, outside and even in your heart.

Warmth inside

There are two types of “inside” warmth. There’s floor-to-ceiling warmth, being roasty-toasty inside your home, and then there’s the cozy feeling you get inside your body after eating or drinking something warm.

One of the first steps to inside warmth is layering. (Think wearing a sweater, thick socks, fuzzy slippers and anything else that helps maintain your body heat.) For your home, it can mean adjusting the thermostat, weather-stripping doors and windows and feeding the fireplace or woodstove. To maximize your comfort, try:

  • Tucking towels or blankets underneath doors to guard against cold drafts.
  • Dressing your windows with thicker, heavier curtains and drapes, and letting nature help warm things up by opening the curtains when it’s sunny outside.
  • Layering your bed with fluffy blankets first (so they’re closer to your body), then thinner blankets on top to prevent heat loss. Adding an electric blanket works, too, or even a couple hot water bottles with fabric covers tucked under the sheets.

Photo of a stack of blankets

Ways to warm yourself from the inside out are a lot tastier! You know the classics: hot cocoa, coffee or tea, hearty soups and most hot meals. But did you know there are other ingredients that help your body generate heat when added to your food? Try honey, cinnamon, dried fruits, pepper, saffron, turmeric, ginger and sesame for an extra boost of warmth.

Imagine sipping a cup of cinnamon hot cocoa right now — yum!

Warmth outside

You can’t change winter weather, but you can lessen its frigid effects on your body by taking the layering concept to the next level, err, layer. Start with a thermal base layer, then add a sweater and thick socks. Next there’s the ear warmers, the hat or ski mask, the scarf, the gloves, the super-toasty winter jacket, the waterproof footwear and whatever else you need to fend off the cold. Bulk up and be ready for whatever weather the season brings, and stay active out there — movement generates heat.

Warmth in your heart

This warmth doesn’t come from layers of clothing or electric blankets, radiators or woodstoves. It comes from family, friends and love. It comes from sharing moments, remembering good times, dreaming dreams and celebrating when you realize them! Keeping your heart warm any season is as simple as spending time with the ones you love, and making time to do the things you love doing, whatever they may be.

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How do you keep all-around warm in the winter? Tell us in the comments below!

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