Put together a game day party with ease

It’s that magical time of year again: football season. Getting to see your favorite team take the field is definitely a cause for celebration — but putting together a game day gathering doesn’t have to be a hail Mary. Here’s how you can kick off a quick and easy watch party:

Have some backyard fun

Backyard football games have been around as long as the sport itself! In fact, heading out and tossing the pigskin with friends and family has become one of those staple fall traditions — as iconic as Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving turkey. A quick round of touch football before a game or during halftime is fun for fans of all ages. And, of course, a bit of activity helps guests work up an appetite, which brings us to:

Keep snacks simple

There are plenty of recipe guides out there with tips for intricate football-themed snacks. These ideas are fun and inspiring — but can be a lot of work if you’re not a culinary artist or Instagram influencer. We recommend keeping things simple and stress-free with your favorite comfort snacks, or even doing things pot-luck style. Treats don’t have to be football-shaped to score big on game day — spring for whatever you and your guests like best!

Friends laughing and having a barbecue

Embrace those rivalries

We all have at least one friend who’s loud and proud about supporting their team. They’ve got the jerseys, the bumper stickers and an uncanny memory for every game-losing fumble your team has ever made — and yet, you love them anyway. If there’s ever a question of who should be on your game day guest list, it’s friends like these. After all, they clearly share your love of the sport — and you get to see the look on their face when your star player scores. These good-natured rivalries are part of what makes football so special.

Let your fandom show

It’s always fun to rep your team’s colors, even if you’re sitting at home instead of the stadium. This is especially true if you take our advice about inviting friends who root for rival teams. The last thing you want is for them to show up decked-out their team’s merch, foam fingers at the ready, while your family is dressed like it’s a regular Sunday. You can don your own jerseys and hats, but you also have a homefield advantage: your décor.

Small child playing with his football in a grass field

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