What are your goals this month?

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Goal setting during the holidays

The fast-paced chaos of the holiday season makes it hard to get anything done. Sometimes, it’s all you can do to keep up with everyday tasks — letting long-term goals fall by the wayside. We wanted to share a favorite metaphor of ours to help you get things done during this hectic period, and even made a tool for tracking your progress:

Rocks, pebbles, sand

If you took a jar and filled it with large rocks, it still wouldn’t be full — there’d still be sizable gaps between each stone. In fact, you could take handfuls of pebbles, shake them into the jar and they’d tumble down to fill these spaces. And you could go even further by pouring grains of sand into the jar to fill all the nooks and crannies between your rocks and pebbles. However, if you went about this process in reverse, filling the jar with sand first, there’d be no room for anything else.

Filling your own jar

While the origins of this metaphor are obscure, its message is no less profound: Each of us has the capacity to fill our lives with all manner of experiences — big and small. But the way we prioritize these experiences matters. Focusing too much on the small, inconsequential parts of our lives (the sand) makes it hard to squeeze in any larger milestones (pebbles and rocks). By consciously setting goals each month, you can fill your life with the accomplishments that matter most.

Defining your rocks and pebbles

In both metaphors and amateur geology, rocks and pebbles can be hard to tell apart. The story of the jar frames rocks as the most essential things in your life, and pebbles as the less important — yet meaningful — experiences. Crucially, one person’s pebble may be another person’s rock — it’s up to each of us to define what we treasure most.

Your goal tracking sheet

Writing out a clear plan for each month can make all the difference when it comes to prioritizing your goals. That’s why we made this monthly goal planner to help you chart out the big and small achievements you’d like to strive for. The big, essential achievements are even broken down into more manageable steps to keep you focused without feeling overwhelmed. All you have to do is print out the sheet and write in what you want to accomplish. You’re going to rock this!

Scentsy Goals form

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