Four steps to make your home more relaxing

Home should always be a place where you can unwind and just be yourself. But it can be hard to leave the stresses of the world at the front door — especially when your house is also your office. Fortunately, a few simple decisions can make any space a relaxing oasis.

Set relaxation boundaries

It’s crucial to set some ground rules for any room where you want to relax. The way you use a space can influence your ability to de-stress in it — for example, if you work from your kitchen table, your mind is more likely to associate that table with your job. Try to designate which spaces in your home are for business and which spaces are for relaxation and keep them separate. These boundaries can be as large as entire rooms, or as small as a designated “work chair” and a “chill out couch” — as long as there’s a physical separation in how or where you relax, your brain will notice.

See rest in a new light

Just as a change in space can help your mind relax, so can a change in atmosphere. Lighting, for example, makes a big difference. Many offices and warehouses use cold florescent lights to stimulate productivity. However, if the same harsh, white lights are used in your home, they can remind you of the stresses of the workday. Shifting to warm, lower-wattage bulbs (like the ones used in standard Scentsy Warmers) can create a truly calming environment.

Take a deep breath

Whether or not you practice meditation, taking a moment to slow down and focus on your breathing can work wonders on your stress levels. But why not make the experience even better by adding calming fragrance to the mix? Creating a welcoming atmosphere with your favorite Scentsy Wax Bars is a great step toward relaxation. However, if you want to truly capture the day-spa experience in your own home, try one of Scentsy’s Calming natural and essential oils, like Lavender or Jasmine White Tea. These soothing scents work in perfect harmony with elegant Scentsy Diffusers to add a sense of tranquility to any space.

Center yourself

Ultimately, we all have our own methods to relax. Don’t stress about “the right way” to de-stress! Reading a book or meditating may work for some people, but if these activities leave you feeling restless or fail to distract from your worries, don’t force yourself to stick to them! Maybe vegging out with a beloved sitcom or video game works best for you, or maybe your mind is at its most calm while working out. Do the things that bring you joy in a space that lets you just enjoy them — the relaxation will follow!

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