Throw a spring-themed party!

The Vino Scentsy wax warmer among spring décor

After an extra-long winter (thanks a lot, Punxsutawney Phil!), we finally have a sunny reason to celebrate: Spring is here!

Now that everyone is ready to throw open the windows and enjoy warmer weather, it’s the PERFECT time for a spring-themed party.

Whether you generally love a party theme or just tend to wing it, a theme can take the guesswork out of bringing the whole event together, from the food and drinks to the decorations and music.

Basically, a party theme is like a cheat sheet to a really amazing party! Here are some of our favorite spring ideas, and they’re all easy to customize with the things you love or have available right at home:

What to eat

Photo of mason jars of fruit infused waters

This is the best part about celebrating spring — it’s so much simpler to serve cold salads and fresh fruits and veggies! Add a big pitcher of pink lemonade (bonus points for adding lemon slices!) and you have everything you need.

Tasty tip: Try this spring salad with blueberries and cranberries for a dish that looks as good as it tastes.

What to display

Photo of a Scentsy diffuser with the best essential oils and tulips in a vase with orange slices

Flowers are a no-brainer, and a great place to begin. Here’s a low-cost way to make your centerpieces extra special. You’ll need:

  • Flowers — To avoid breaking the bank, just pick up a pretty bouquet from the grocery store.
  • Lemons, oranges or limes — Choose the color that works best with your flowers.
  • Clear jar or vases — Once you gather up the ingredients, start by clipping the flower stems to make them last, then slice up your citrus and fill your jar or vase with water.

Add the fruit first, slipping each slice in sideways to line the vessel. Then add your flowers, staggering them by size, and voila! A beautiful spring centerpiece.

Scentsy tip: Flowers not quite fragrant enough? Bump up the beauty with our Flower Child or Lush Gardenia fragrances.

What to do

photo of scentsy join testers on a table in the spring

Mingle, eat, play yard games like croquet, cornhole or horseshoes — just make the most of the season and take it all outside!

This is also a great low-key chance to pass around Scentsy fragrances and share a few happy scent memories with your guests. Focus on the New Releases and Spring & Summer scents to stay on theme and keep everyone thinking sunny thoughts.

Scentsy tip: Have a guest or two who really get into the Scentsy stuff? Be sure to let them know about our new Earn a Kit program, where they can host a party and use their rewards to join your team.

Then you’ll have a whole new reason to celebrate! Happy spring!

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