Happy, budget-friendly holidays

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Ready or not, the holidays are upon us. Why not take a deep breath and embrace all the hustle, bustle, stress, joy, mess, family, delight, indulgence, overindulgence and everything else this time of year has to offer? Get in the spirit of the season! Be jolly! And add a few of these cost-saving tips to your list so you can keep your bank account happy, too.

Plan a remote, fun-sized feast

Health concerns mean many of us won’t be traveling to or hosting large gatherings this season — so why not throw a remote feast? Video conference apps like Zoom are perfect for seeing and talking with loved ones from afar, so set a time for everyone to log on at their respective dining tables and enjoy each other’s company over dinner across the miles. You can even play fun games with your guests over the conference call to make the experience more special! It may not be exactly the same as a traditional holiday gathering, but it’s not without its silver linings. The money saved on travel and groceries this year can go toward your shopping budget!

Person cutting a turkey

Make a shopping budget

It takes a bit more planning up front, but if you start making your shopping list now, you can create a budget to save yourself precious time and money all season long. Don’t just consider gifts, think about parties where you’ll need a new outfit or to contribute food or favors, travel expenses if you plan on visiting out-of-town family, donations to local causes and your Christmas shopping list. To make it all a bit easier, use a handy holiday app to keep all the details, including real-time checklists and schedules, in one place.

Consider making (or baking!) thoughtful gifts

Family, friends, kids, teachers, your kids’ friends, your mailman, your dog — does your Christmas list seem to get longer every year? We should be grateful to have so many wonderful people in our lives (and we are!), but it can be a bit stressful, too. We don’t just need to dream up thoughtful gifts for everyone, but also fork over enough dough to cover them.

Lucky for us all, this is the exact reason why Pinterest was invented! Find hordes of simple, DIY gift ideas from cookie mixes and hand-knit scarves to anything you can fit inside a Mason jar, plus clever gift tags to top them with. Not feeling particularly crafty? Check out these gift ideas for $10 or less!

Person holding wrapped present with other Christmas things surrounding

Look for ways to earn extra cash

Retailers, warehouses and delivery companies hire seasonal help this time of year, so consider bolstering your holiday budget with a short-term, part-time job. If working out of the house feels like too much of a health risk, think about selling your own homemade crafts online.

And if crafts aren’t your strong suit, but you like the idea of sharing products you love, becoming a Scentsy Consultant might just be the perfect solution!  This is our busiest sales season, so it’s an amazing time to kick off your new business, plus customers are already primed and ready to shop thoughtful gifts — and our fragrances can’t be beat.

To learn more about making this holiday season your most memorable one yet, reach out to your Scentsy Consultant and ask them what it takes to start your own business. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one here.

Happy holidays!


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