Why spring cleaning matters

Mother and her two sons cleaning dishes together

Deep cleaning in the springtime is a longstanding tradition found across many cultures. In the U.S., our modern understanding of spring cleaning can be traced to the 19th century. As detailed by The Washington Post, the reliance on kerosene and wood-burning stoves in the 1800s left a big mess by the end of winter. And now, 200 years later, spring cleaning is still an annual tradition across the country. Here are just a few important reasons this tradition has endured:

Spring cleaning helps welcome in the sunshine

While our homes may not be exposed to the level of soot and grime our ancestors put up with,  winter can still bring its share of messes. Spring is the perfect time to open the windows and cast your home in a new light! A deep clean can help any  space shine, and using cleaning products with fresh, spring-inspired fragrances — like our Sunkissed Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate — helps welcome the bright, fruity notes of the season!

Tidying up is a mood-booster

With many of us working from home, more attention has been paid to the ways our living space impacts our productivity and mental health. Healthline highlighted how keeping your home workspace tidy is as much about self-care as it is about getting things done. Taking the time to do a deep clean will set you up for fresh success! Show yourself even more love by wiping down your workspace with Scentsy Counter Clean in your favorite fragrance!

Cleaning surfaces helps fight allergens

With  beautiful spring blooms comes plenty of pollen, which is  one more reason to make this the season of cleanliness. In fact, a study by the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology found that a thorough spring cleaning can help reduce allergy symptoms. The  organization also recommends cleaning carpets, upholstery and bedding regularly. Scentsy Laundry products lift away dirt and infuse fabrics with long-lasting fragrance, so they’re the perfect partner in your cleaning quest.

Regularly cleaning high-traffic spaces  keeps you healthy

The past year highlighted the importance of keeping high-use spaces like kitchens and bathrooms clean. As the Mayo Clinic reported, disinfecting surfaces is especially important if a member of your household gets sick or was exposed to someone who was. Sanitizing these important areas, combined with CDC recommended social distancing measures, can help keep your family healthy.

At Scentsy, we love all things fresh, including that feeling of a nice, clean home. That’s why our Scentsy Clean products  feature versatile, high-performance formulas  — all without phosphates, dyes, ammonia, chlorine or bleach! You can order these fragrant, functional products directly from your Consultant’s Personal Website (or find a Scentsy Consultant here)!

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