Tips for a rustic home makeover

Rustic décor and homegrown styles are timeless

Rustic, aged, reclaimed, modern farmhouse, rural — whatever you want to call it, there’s an understated beauty to this tried-and-true home décor style. Some people are drawn to the rustic look for its unvarnished authenticity, while others find comfort in the warm nostalgia it offers. Plus, who isn’t charmed by a little rural kitsch now and then? Being headquartered in Idaho, many Scentsy employees feel right at home on the range — so here are a few tips to achieving a true rustic look for your home.

Use easy-going, neutral colors

As notes, subdued colors are a mainstay of the rustic look. Wood and stone-inspired hues help give rooms that cozy “log cabin” vibe, while faded reds can add some barnyard flair. Muted tones may not seem like much on their own, but when applied evenly across your home décor, the result is a calm, inviting space. The Starry Frontier Scentsy Warmer embraces this idea of subtle, warm comfort.

Incorporate true homegrown materials

Authentic materials are a big part of rustic design, but not everyone has the budget for exposed timber beams and steel-framed windows. Save time and money on extensive renovations by focusing on standalone pieces of furniture and décor that can bring notes of rugged authenticity to your home. Many small businesses and self-employed artisans specialize in reclaimed wood furniture and metal crafts — hop on social media and see what’s available! The Sweet Love and Country Living warmers embody this unvarnished, galvanized charm.

Embrace your inner nature-lover

No matter how far you live from the wilderness, your rustic home makeover won’t be complete without at least a few nods to nature. Antlers, wreaths and wildlife paintings bring the outdoors in with classic elements of homegrown décor. Nods to farm life are equally effective ways to capture the feeling of country living. The Wildlife Mini Warmer and Déjà Moo Warmer embrace these rural inspirations.

For more ideas, take a look at Scentsy’s Homegrown line of décor — you can order your favorites straight from your Consultant’s Personal Website (or find a Scentsy Consultant here)!

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