5 ways to bring on good vibes

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We all feel glum sometimes, but it doesn’t have to stick. There are lots of simple ways to infuse more joy into our daily lives — even during times of solitude — and it starts with a subtle shift in mindset. If you’re the type of person who rarely takes time for yourself because you think it comes at a cost to others, hear this reminder: Everyone needs downtime to feel rested, playtime to feel energized and “me time” to feel restored.

It’s not just about feeling happy yourself, though that’s a great starting point. Good vibes are meant to be shared! When you’re at your best, you can be your best for your family, friends, at your job and in all the other passion projects, chores, hobbies and adventures that round out a life well lived.

Hello, sunshine!

Try these five tips for inviting so much positive energy into your life that it naturally spills over:

1. Take some “me time”

We’ve all been binge-watching our favorite shows — it almost feels like having friends over to visit! Consider taking a Netflix break and finally cracking that book you’ve been meaning to read, or up the ante with a full-out home spa day that has you soaking in the tub with your new page-turner.

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2. Send someone a gift

Did you know that doing something nice for someone else can make you happier, too? Giving a thoughtful gift is a pick-me-up that goes both ways! It will make a friend feel loved and seen, plus you’ll reap the good vibes that naturally come with the gesture.

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3. Spruce up your WFH space

New to working from home? Make your mornings more enjoyable and your afternoons more productive by filling your workspace with pretty things that inspire you to stay put and keep shining.

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4. Do something active

When you can’t hit the gym, try hitting the garden instead! It’s not too late to plant a simple vegetable garden that will keep your family fed all summer long. If that’s not your thing, be sure to move every day, whether it’s walking your neighborhood or finally trying that online yoga class.

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5. Play with your pets

One look at your floppy-eared pup or purring kitty is sure to make you feel happier and loved. Our pets are part of the family, even when they get into mischief, and their presence can actually reduce your stress and help you feel more balanced and content.

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Sending good vibes your way!

With the right attitude and the right tools, finding joy is possible in just about any circumstance. And don’t forget: When you feel it, share it!

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