Play Scentsy Buddy Bingo!

Scentsy Buddies Bingo Sheets

Have some fun with your Buddies!

Scentsy Buddies are the perfect companions for any child, combining snuggable cuteness with comforting fragrance. We’ve released so many Buddies over the years, from classic teddy bears and zoo animals, to dinosaurs and jellyfish! With such a wide variety of fragrant friends, we decided to make a game of bingo with them!

Scentsy Buddy Bingo

Maybe you’ve never brought home a Scentsy Buddy, or maybe you’ve got a whole menagerie of them — either way, you and your kids can play along! Just print off these free bingo sheets and Scentsy Buddy cards here . When you’re ready to play, pass out the bingo sheets, shuffle the cards, and see who gets the lucky combination! For an added touch of fun, let your kids mark off any Buddies they already have on their sheets!

Scentsy Buddy Bingo is a great family activity for kids of all ages. You can play for fun or dream up a prize for the winner! Maybe the first person to get bingo picks out what’s for dinner?

How do you and your kids have fun with your Scentsy Buddies? Have you held a Buddy tea party, for example? Let us know in the comments!

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