August is Family Fun Month!

So what are you waiting for?!

Photo of family playing on bed

“The days are long, but the years are short.”
— Gretchen Rubin

Don’t write summer off just yet. Before you shop for the backpacks and pencils, you still have time to cram in loads of fun and quality bonding time with the ones you love most. Make a month of it!

10 fun-tastic ways to enjoy your family all month long:

    1. Be tourists in your own hometown.

      Hop the local tour train and see familiar sights in a whole new way. Visit local museums, zoos and parks. Eat at a local restaurant you’ve never tried. If time and budget permit, stay in a local hotel (with a pool, of course). Order room service!

    2. Visit a national park.

      Road-trip-it to your nearest national treasure and explore nature’s finest splendor. Have the kids keep a travel log with souvenirs from their favorite discoveries.

Photo of mother and daughter hiking

    1. Dance through the ages.

      Invite Grandma and Grandpa and celebrate the moves (and music) from everyone’s favorite era. Make a playlist, dim the lights and cue the disco ball.

    2. Devote a day to each family member.

      Dedicate one day of the month to each person in the family. Let that person pick their favorite foods and choose the activity for the day. Decorate the house in their favorite color. Make homemade cards expressing your love and appreciation for the celebrated one.

    3. Plan a weekly movie or game night.

      Scheduling an activity for the same night every week helps manage expectations and ensures everyone can plan to be there. Whether you play board games or watch a movie together, regular events can develop into family traditions your kids will cherish.

Father playing games with kids

  1. Put on a back-to-school fashion show.

    Have the kids model their back-to-school duds or walk the runway in their own wacky creations. Don’t forget the tunes! (Heavy on the bass.)

  2. Picnic in the park.

    The simplest family outings are often the most memorable. A day at the park might be just the ticket. Involve the whole family from the get-go: from the menu planning to the grocery shopping to the food prep.

  3. Read a classic together.

    Take a break from screen-time with a REAL book the whole family will enjoy. (Extra points if you get your book from the local library!)

  4. Make a time capsule.

    Gather mementos from the month (or the summer): ticket stubs, menus, playbills, photos, programs and noteworthy news clippings. Even candy wrappers, clothing tags and artifacts found in nature can mark special moments in time. Put your family’s findings in a shoebox or other storage bin, label it Summer 2018 and stash it somewhere safe. On tap for next year: nostalgia in a box!

  5. Ride bikes.

    Tune up the family bicycles, air up the tires and head out for the day. It’s a whole new way to take in your town. If your area features a greenbelt or bike path, even better. If not everyone in the family has a bike, most towns offer inexpensive bicycle rentals. (Try something new, like a bicycle built for two!)

photo of parents teaching their daughter to bike

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