Oh, those summer nights!

Nothing beats hanging out, out of doors, on a warm summer night after the sun goes down.

Here are some ideas to help you turn fleeting summer nights into lasting memories.

Bring the inside out.

Create an outdoor “room.” It’s a great way to extend the square footage of your home, maximize the amount of time you can spend outside and squeeze every blissful moment out of those magical summer nights.

All you need is comfy seating, a table or two for food and drinks and maybe an outdoor rug to define the space. Add a basket of toys for the kids.

Go camping in your own backyard.

Pitch a tent, make a fire and roast hotdogs and marshmallows. You can even explore nature, play games and tell campfire stories. You’ll have a blast with your kids without ever having to pack the car. (Best of all, if it rains or the tent collapses, you’ll have a place to go!)

Watch a sunset.

The sun sets every single day, no matter where you live. Yet how often do we pause to appreciate nature’s daily delivery of beauty? Make a night of it this summer with the whole family.

Chase fireflies.

It’s one of summer’s simplest pleasures. Depending on where you live, you can take your kids on this fun (and free) adventure right in your own backyard.


Become amateur astronomers for a night — no telescope required. See what you can spot with the naked eye, and have binoculars on hand for everyone to try. Watch for falling stars (and make wishes), find the man in the moon and spot the Big Dipper.

Have an outdoor movie night.

Pay homage to the drive-in movie. At-home outdoor movie screens are all the rage, and you can even make your own. Round up some camping chairs, blankets and pillows, and pop plenty of popcorn.

When it’s time to say so-long to summer, keep the magic and memories alive by bringing a bit of your outdoor adventure in. Whatever the adventure, chances are, we’ve got a warmer for that!

Our Chasing Fireflies Warmer adds simple charm to any space, especially if you’re going for a cottage or farmhouse vibe. Our Stargaze Warmer captures the wonder of the night sky with a brilliant burst of light, and our Colors of the Rainbow Warmer dazzles, with a kaleidoscopic display reminiscent of the setting summer sun. Add a cube or two of Summer Sunshine fragrance, and bask in a glow as satisfying as a summer breeze.

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