Choose your summer adventure!

Summer’s finally here! More than any other season, summer calls for winding roads, deep woods, open water and adventurous new experiences.

You only need to decide where to go and find them!

Sleep under the stars

There’s nothing like saying goodbye to the comforts of modern life and roughing it on a campsite. Air conditioning? Who needs it! Ergonomic mattress? Not here! High-speed internet? Not unless you start climbing!

If you’re going to take the family camping, you might as well do it right. Go off the grid! Find a cozy spot deep in the woods, pack everything you need to cook over a campfire, bring a deck of cards and get ready to enjoy distraction-free time with the people you love most. To add to that you could also think about using a lantern at night for your tent to do a bit of reading if you like to make that family camping trip last even longer. However, sleeping straight on the grass is obviously very uncomfortable, so it’s worth your while buying something to lie on. Most people consider an air mattress a good option when they go camping, but you can find a good alternative to an air mattress when camping if you so wish, such as hammocks.

tent and campfire under the stars

You can’t have hot dogs and s’mores for every meal …

So, try a few of these easy-to-make, kid-approved campfire meals to keep things interesting:

  • Campfire Macaroni and Cheese: Prep this family favorite before your trip, then just toss it on smoldering coals for about 15 minutes.
  • Campfire Nachos: You can customize this recipe with your ideal nacho ingredients, and they only need a few minutes on the fire.
  • Campfire Donuts: Canned biscuit dough and a paper bag full of cinnamon sugar make this tasty breakfast impossibly easy.

Remember that time we went camping?

Just because you’re off the grid doesn’t mean you can’t capture the fun on your phone’s camera — no data required! Frame a couple of your favorite pics from the trip, then add a few camping-themed accents to create an homage to your adventure, right at home:

  • There’s no shame in trading a sleeping bag on the ground for the minimal comforts of an RV. Especially when it’s a cute-as-can-be retro road warrior.
  • What better way to remember that epic hike than with a laced-up pair of boots?
  • Bring back the scent of the wilderness — and all the memories you made — with fragrances like Gone Camping and Toasted Marshmallow.

Set your sights on the sea

Do you prefer falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing onto the shore — from the comfort of your bed, inside your private bungalow? Find a map, locate the closest coastline and head to the beach! Flex your sailing skills out on the open water, or build a sand castle fit for a queen. As the sun sets, trade the campfire for a beachy bonfire and treat your family to dinner on the sand.

scenic view of beach goers enjoying a sunny day at the beach

  • Bonfire Salmon: All you need is a grill-ready fish basket, cut and cleaned salmon, butter, lemon, salt and pepper. Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best!
  • Saltwater Corn on the Cob: Fill a pot with ocean water, drop in enough corn cobs (husks on) for your crew and melt butter for dipping.
  • Caramel Apple S’mores: There’s more than one way to make this bonfire treat. Swap graham crackers for Granny Smith apples in this tart-yet-tasty snack.

BEST summer vacation ever…

The Scent of Adventure

Ready to start exploring? The Summer Collection is full of brand-new products that are only available while supplies last, so whether you love camping or the coast, ring in another season of adventure with fragrances and décor that whisk you away.

Where will summer fun take you? Chase that adventure and let us know how it goes!

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